7 Ideas On How to Make Your Instagram Follow-worthy In 2022

7 Ideas On How to Make Your Instagram Follow-worthy In 2022

An average Instagram user has 648 followers, which means that a good number of users just use the platform for socialization. However, there’s so much more to Instagram than just keeping up with your faves and meeting new people. With Instagram, you can grow your online business, be an influencer and make big paychecks.

So, friend, you have good reason to be way better than the average Instagram user and rise above 648 followers. For this reason, our focus in this article is to help you create an Instagram account that will attract more followers.

7 Ideas On How to Make Your Instagram Follow-worthy

You can try these simple tips  on Instagram to make your account follow-worthy.

#1.  Strategize

Most times, before you start working on a project, you sit and plan. It’s the same thing with growing up on social media. Before attempting to promote your profile, You must first design a content strategy.

Having a content strategy makes you different from every other Instagrammer that just posts on impulse and gets no results. It doesn’t even take much time to plan out your content.  If you’re focussed enough, you’ll get it done within a few hours.

To help you put together an excellent content strategy, here are some tricks:

  • Make sure you understand what your Instagram account is all about before you start posting. If you have a clear cut goal and theme for your content, you will not create random content, which won’t yield any result.
  • Get a content planning tool to keep your work organized. Examples of content planning tools include Notion, Trello, Google Sheets, Google Calendar, and CoSchedule.
  • Create content in advance so that you can post consistently for your followers.
  • Keep track of special days and festivities so that you can send good wishes to your followers. E.g Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Independence day etc.

#2. Promote your Instagram Page

Publicizing your account is a valid option for creating brand awareness. Creating sponsored posts for your Instagram account will increase your chances of visibility, which will, in turn, increase your followers.

Instagram ads offer different targeting options to help you reach the right people. If young people are more likely to appreciate your posts, ensure your ads target them.

In addition to sponsored posts:

  • Embed posts on your website or blogs.
  • Cross-promote your Instagram on other social media platforms.
  • Share your Instagram account link in your email newsletters.

#3.  Automate as much as You can

The perks of automation don’t end with doors and robots. Social media, too, uses automation so that users like you can get the best experience.

Instagram automation is your chance at stress-free social media management. Here, a third-party app does all the heavy lifting and you get more time to be productive.

Here are amazing ways that embracing Instagram automation can increase your following:

  • Scheduling posts: You should schedule posts to ensure that you constantly deliver high-quality and timely content to your audience. More people will follow you if your content is valuable and arrives on time.
  • Automate likes and follows: some automation tools will help you interact with your audience by liking their posts. Additionally, these tools can analyze accounts and discover which to follow.

Interactions increase your chance of keeping your followers and making them loyal to you. Also note that growing on Instagram is also less stressful when you buy real Instagram likes.

  • Try out Instagram quick replies to conveniently respond to frequently asked questions in your DMs.
  • Automate reports and analytics to track your progress and take actions that will make your social media strategies more effective.

#4. Bring on your best aesthetics game

If you want people to quickly tap on the follow button once they see your feed, you need to make your feed beautiful. With a visually appealing feed, there’s no going back. It ropes your audience in and because they want to see more beauty, they’ll follow you.

Take a cue from these feed aesthetic tips:

  • Choose a pattern and arrange your feed grid according to it. You could alternate texts and images by rows or use a puzzle pattern.
  • Select specific colors. Ideally the colors you use should be brand colors. But if you don’t have brand colors and can’t decide on them now, there are other options. Some color ideas for your feed are Monochrome feed, Rainbow feed, Dark or Bright feed etc.
  • Use the same aesthetics you use in your feed posts on your Instagram stories. It will give all your posts more uniformity.
  • Try to get professional photography just so that your photos look high-quality. If your budget doesn’t permit it, use a great editing app. You’ll find tons of editing apps that will give you great results. Examples are Lightroom, Photoshop, Vsco and Snapseed.
  • Apply editing best practices such as capturing the tiny details in products, taking photos from interesting viewpoints and considering symmetry.
  • For uniformity, be consistent with whatever theme you choose for your feed.

#5. Dig into Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual platform. Just like Instagram, it thrives on shared photos. Many people go to Pinterest for inspiration. And if you use the platform well, you might just get yourself some Instagram followers through pinterest.

Without further ado, here are a couple of ways to benefit from Pinterest:

  • Use your Instagram profile link as your website on Pinterest: There’s an option to put your website on Pinterest. So, instead of putting your website, put your Instagram profile link there. That way, pinners who want to follow you can do so effortlessly.
  • Add your Instagram username in your Pinterest bio for other pinners to see.
  • If you’ve linked your website to your Pinterest, you can Promote your Instagram on your website. This way, when visitors go to your website, they can visit your Instagram profile from there.
  • Your Pinterest profile cover should carry a screenshot of your Instagram profile.
  • Include a call to action asking pinners to follow you on Instagram.

#6. Apply for a Verification badge

One way to identify a real Instagram account is through a verified badge. Just in case you didn’t know, a verified badge is a blue tick that appears next to the Instagram account name. It confirms the authenticity of a person or brand on Instagram. Most times, it’s the celebrities you see with verified badges but this endorsement is not limited to them.

You stand a better chance of getting more followers if Instagrammers see that your account is real and verified. But, of course, this badge doesn’t come easy. Instagram has a bunch of requirements you must fulfill to get a Verification badge. Check Instagram guidelines for more on that.

#7. Leverage Instagram account takeovers and shoutouts

There are so many ways to do collaborations with other creators or influencers on Instagram. Hosting account takeovers is one of the best ways.

All you need to do is invite a creator, an influencer or somebody with a large following to take over your stories for a day. Your guest will encourage their followers to join in and view the takeover. From there,  they might follow you.

Shoutouts can also help you get followers seamlessly. An influencer you collaborate with can give you a shout out in their post and ask their followers to follow you. You could also sponsor a giveaway, where the collaborator will give their audience who follow you gifts for doing so.

In Conclusion

Now you know that your account can rise above the average Instagram account and bubble with a high following. But, your success depends on how much you are willing to implement these 7 tips. Be sure to make your feed beautiful, post great content, collaborate and embrace tools that will make you more productive.

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