Top 4 Benefits of Non-Alcoholic Bitters

Top 4 Benefits of Non-Alcoholic Bitters

If you fancy a non-alcoholic cocktail or a mocktail connoisseur, you will find bitters very necessary. They are a small yet crucial ingredient in enhancing your cocktail. Traditionally, bitters are made by combining and infusing aromatics like roots, seeds, and fruits with a more neutral spirit. This is meant to pack a punch of flavor in just a few drops. Besides, bitters have a strong flavor that can enhance your drink significantly.

While there are alcoholic bitters that are most dense in concentration, you can also get non-alcoholic ones. When using these types of bitters, you can enjoy their flavor and not worry about the alcohol levels. With that in mind, here are four benefits of alcohol-free bitters.

1.   Non Alcoholic Bitters Help Ease Appetite

One of the benefits of non alcoholic bitters is that they help ease your appetite. Research shows that people who take non-alcoholic bitters consume fewer calories. This is helpful especially if you are looking to cut weight. The bitters act on bitter receptors in the digestive system. This reduces the appetite and the drive to consume more food. Besides, it stimulates the body to release gut hormones, which reduces your urge to eat. This goes a long way in helping you cut weight. Non alcoholic bitters are effective in weight-cutting programs and some experts encourage their usage.

2.   Help Reduce the Risk of Diabetes

Some non-alcoholic bitters reduce the risk of diabetes. Given that they are not alcoholic, they contain substances that reduce the risk of diabetes. This factor has increased their usage in Asia, India, and parts of South America. A significant number of people in these areas use bitters as a remedy for diabetes. Those with diabetes-related complications use bitters to lower blood glucose levels.

Besides, non alcoholic bitters can help stimulate the body to release and use insulin. This is very important when fighting diabetes. Insulin is an important body substance that helps regulate blood sugar levels. While bitters are said to have a positive impact on insulation secretion, more research is required to prove diabetes treatment. Nonetheless, bitters are essential for good health, especially for those looking to cut on extra weight.

3.   Production of Gastric Juice

As you might know, your stomach contains different acids like pepsin. These stomach acids play a key role in breaking down food. Non alcoholic bitters increase the production of gastric juice in the stomach, which is useful in digestion. Besides, gastric juice comes with many more benefits. For instance, it helps with cramping, heartburn, and indigestion. Heartburn can be very uncomfortable to deal with, especially after having a meal. However, you can get rid of them by having bitters. Small quantities of bitters can fix most of these problems.

4.   Production of More Saliva

Bitters also help in the production of more saliva. As you already know, saliva is crucial in the digestion process. Besides, the presence of saliva helps keep your mouth clean.

Bitters are Ideal for Better Health

As much as bitters can be hard to find, they are quite useful for a healthy lifestyle. From helping you cut weight to stimulating saliva production, bitters are truly valuable.

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