5 Must Haves for Your Bar Counter

5 Must Haves for Your Bar Counter

A draft beer system is something you would find at a bar when you want a nice cold pint. From a bar drip tray to a glycol chiller, there are multiple components needed for such a system to work. This is a complex mechanism consisting of different parts that allows pouring cold beer without any problems.

Bar Drip Tray

This is a convenient little element of a draft system that can save you a lot of time actually. When pouring liquids, there will be spills. This thing saves you the trouble of wiping the counter each time.

Draft Beer Tap Tower

In this tower, all beer lines are gathered in order to be connected to the faucets. By pulling the necessary handle you can pour different types of beer.

Commercial Kegerator

This is a whole system made for drawing beer from kegs located close to it, as opposed to a cooled system that allows placing kegs even in other rooms. Its main parts are:

• Tank with CO2;
• Regulators;
• Beer lines;
• Draft tower and faucets, etc.

A kegerator is basically a refrigerator for kegs. It keeps the beer chilled and connects right to the tap. The CO2 is used to push the liquid along the lines.

Tap Handles

These are the special levers that allow opening and closing the beer faucets. While different parts of a draw system are standardized, it is possible to customize handles based on the design of your bar or to suit your taste.

Glycol Chiller

When the beer kegs cannot be placed right under the tap, it is necessary to move them away. Because it is important to pour chilled beer, this special device is used so the beer can remain at a certain temperature while traveling via the lines. Glycol and air compression are used to chill the beer.

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