Everything You Need to Know About a Brow Lift

Everything You Need to Know About a Brow Lift

While now as well known as other facial plastic surgery procedures, such as facelift surgery, eyelid surgery, or rhinoplasty (cosmetic nose surgery), brow lift surgery can significantly improve some of the most common signs of aging.

Brow lift surgery (also known as forehead lift surgery) benefits both men and women, this is one of the reasons that over 88,000 people underwent the procedure in 2020.

What Is a Brow Lift?

Brow lift surgery is a plastic surgery procedure that targets signs of aging on the upper third of the face. This area stretches from the hairline to the eyebrows.

Some of the conditions corrected with this procedure include:

  • Horizontal lines and wrinkles across the forehead
  • Sagging eyebrows
  • Glabella lines / frown lines

What Causes Lines and Wrinkles on the Forehead?

The forehead is one of the first places to show lines and wrinkles. This is partially due to repeated muscle movements. While these are temporary at first, they can become permanent and the tissues weaken and lose elasticity.

How Is a Traditional Brow Lift Performed?

With a traditional brow lift, an incision is made across the forehead at or just behind the hairline. Through this incision, excess skin is trimmed (if needed) and the underlying tissues are lifted and secured. By tightening these tissues, wrinkles will be smoothed out and sagging brows will be lifted.

How Is an Endoscopic Brow Lift Performed?

Unlike the traditional brow lift, an endoscopic brow lift does not require a long incision to be made across the forehead. Instead, four or five smaller incisions are made behind the hairline.

This technique uses the assistance of an endoscope (a small, pencil-sized camera that can allow for visualization of the treatment area). The endoscope is inserted through one of the incisions while surgical tools are inserted through another to tighten the underlying tissues.This technique is considered to be less invasive; however, it may not be appropriate for all patients. Skin cannot be trimmed with an endoscopic brow lift.

How Is a Brow Lift Different From Eyelid Surgery?

A brow lift surgery addresses the forehead and the eyebrows. Eyelid surgery addresses the upper and lower eyelids. This includes upper eyelid hooding and puffy bags beneath the eyes.

What Is Recovery Like After a Brow Lift?

Recovery after a brow lift will vary depending on whether you underwent a traditional or endoscopic brow lift. That being said, brow lift recovery time in Beverly Hills, CA, or wherever you have chosen to undergo the procedure will usually take between one and two weeks.

During this time, you should get plenty of rest and rest with your head elevated (including when you sleep). You will be given prescription pain medication and cold compresses may also be useful. Avoid blood-thinning over-the-counter pain medications like aspirin, ibuprofen, and NSAIDs. If you do not want to take the prescription medication, you can take TYLENOL®.

Are Brow Lift Results Permanent?

Brow lift results are long lasting; however, they cannot stop the natural aging process. Because of this, patients should follow good skin care practices. Avoid sun exposure, use high-quality skin care products, do not smoke, eat a healthy diet, stay hydrated, and consider following up your surgical procedure with non-surgical treatments.

Is There a Non-surgical Alternative to a Brow Lift?

Some patients choose to first undergo non-surgical treatment options like BOTOX® Cosmetic before they have a brow lift. BOTOX® Cosmetic is an injectable treatment that can temporarily reduce forehead and frown lines (wrinkles between the brows). However, this non-surgical treatment cannot raise sagging brows and only lasts three to four months before needing to be redone.

How Much Does a Brow Lift Cost?

Brow lift surgery cost varies from patient to patient depending on the extent of the procedure and several other factors.

These factors include:

  • Surgeon’s fees
  • Anesthesia fees
  • Facility fees
  • Geographical location (areas on the coasts, such as Beverly Hills, CA, tend to be more expensive than ares in the middle of the country)
  • Pre-surgical tests
  • Post-surgical appointments
  • Combined facial procedures

You will be given an accurate cost estimate during your consultation that will take all of the above into account.

What Is My Next Step?

If you think that you might qualify for a brow lift, schedule a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in facial plastic surgery. It is only with a consultation that you will be able to determine if this technique is right for you.

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