Everything You Need to Know About Motorcycle Accidents Before Calling a Lawyer

Everything You Need to Know About Motorcycle Accidents Before Calling a Lawyer

A motorcycle accident can be extremely traumatic, from severe injuries and stress from the expenses of motorcycle damage, taking time off work, and paying for medical bills. So if you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, taking a case to court or making a claim with the insurance company is the last thing you should worry about.

That is why the best approach is to find a motorcycle lawyer after the accident to ensure that your claim is handled well. If you don’t have an attorney firm in mind, whether you’ll be needing a Tampa motorcycle attorney (or one in another location) company, you can search ‘best motorcycle attorney firm near me’ online to come across some of the most trusted attorney firms in your area.

Below are the things you should know about motorcycle accidents before calling a motorcycle lawyer.

When to Call a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

When You Have Suffered Severe Injuries

You can suffer injuries in a motorcycle accident that are severe enough to change your life. For instance, you may not be able to carry on the duties you used to do before the accident due to reasons such as permanent disability.

All these injuries can cost you thousands of dollars in medical bills and rehabilitation needs that you may not afford to pay. However, by hiring a motorcycle lawyer, you can take much of the burden off your shoulders by taking care of your legal claims for the accident and insurance claims.

When The Insurance Tries to Lower the Compensation Amount

It is, however, sad to note that some of the insurance companies may not pay you the agreed amount during compensation. And this can only happen if you approach them without legal representation of the claim. However, there is no reason to worry about it since the motorcycle lawyer will help you get the right payment for your claim.

If The Motorcycle Insurance Denies the Claim

Other than lowering compensation, some insurance companies may deny the claim completely. Therefore, you will need a motorcycle lawyer immediately to file a legal claim for the accident. The lawyer will help you understand all your legal options and the legal actions required to receive compensation.

The Accident Makes You Miss Many Days of Work

When you experience an accident, you will miss work days for reasons such as hospitalization to allow you time to recover. However, your employer may not pay you for the days off if this duration is extended. But a professional motorcycle lawyer will help you fight damages arising from loss of wages.

When You Don’t Know Who Is Responsible for The Accident

Accidents happen in an instant, and sometimes due to severe injuries, you are unconscious and unaware of who caused the accident; sometimes, you don’t know if any third party was involved. Therefore, it would be vital to call motorcycle attorneys to carry out an investigation and determine whether there was any third party that could be held accountable for the cause of the accident.


It’s important to call a motorcycle lawyer if you have suffered severe injuries from a motorcycle accident or even when the insurance company tries to deny the claim or lower the compensation amount. You should also reach a lawyer if the accident makes you miss several work days, resulting in a loss of income, and also when you don’t know which party is responsible for the accident.

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