What to Look for in a Freight Agent Program

What to Look for in a Freight Agent Program

The shipping and transportation industry is a very important and necessary one that helps to ensure that products are able to reach store shelves and homes all over the country. With continued challenges in the supply chain, there are various professionals that continue to play a pivotal role in ensuring this industry moves efficiently. One role that all people should consider if they are interested in the logistics industry is to become a freight agent.

A freight agent is an individual that connects distributors, carriers, and shipping companies to help ensure freight is able to be moved. Many freight agents will work independently and will have plenty of professional opportunities. If you want to become an independent freight agent, you will first need to go through a freight agent program. There are various factors that you should consider when looking for a freight agent program.

Initial Training and Support

One of the first factors that you should consider when you are trying to become an independent freight agent is to evaluate the program’s initial training and support. Freight agents will need to complete a program to be qualified for this role. You should look for a program that offers all of the education and testing that you need to work in your state in this role. This will ensure you have access to the education you need to be successful in this position.

Ongoing Professional Support

While you will be running your own business as a freight agent, you still need to have proper support behind you to run your business. When you are comparing freight agent programs, you will want to find one that has the back office that you need to thrive. This should include providing you with help with invoicing, order fulfillment, collections, and improving overall carrier relations. Having this support will not only help you avoid a lot of different types of tasks, but can also make you more efficient, which will allow you to complete more sales.

Continuing Education

When you are considering a freight agent program, you also will want to know that they have continuing education support services. While the initial freight agent program may be the most important part of the process, you still will need to continue to learn moving forward. This can include taking additional courses that may be necessary to retain your licensure or simply to be aware of changes in the industry. Freight agent programs should offer this ongoing education, which will help you stay competitive in the industry.

Access to Benefits

While you will be independent and running your own business, having access to the benefits provided by a larger company is always helpful as they can be much more affordable. When you are looking for a freight agency program, finding one that offers the necessary benefits should be a top priority. Some benefits that you should consider are your standard medical and dental insurance. However, you will also need to have some professional insurance, which you could also obtain through the agency. Having access to these benefits can help to save you money and also make you feel more like you are part of a team.

Freight agents continue to play a pivotal role in the overall shipping and logistics industry. Those that are successful as freight agents can be well-compensated while they run their own small businesses. When you are looking to become an agent, choosing the right freight agent program is very important as it will ensure you have the support you need to be successful. There are various factors to consider when you are looking for a new program.

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