How to Choose the Best THC Vape for Yourself

How to Choose the Best THC Vape for Yourself

These days, if you asked a dozen people to describe their cannabis vaporizer, each would have something distinctly different to say. So when attempting to choose a vaporizer for yourself, it cannot be evident initially. One method to find a vape that is ideal for you is to visit a specialist vape retailer, but it might not be the way for everyone.

It’s subjective and depends on various factors, including how frequently and much you smoke and your preference for the base and flavors. Thus, we explain how to pick the ideal THC vape for your requirements.

What is a Vape, and Why Vape THC?

A vaporizer, often known as a vape, is designed and produced specifically to heat a material till it “vaporizes” but does not burn (Generally e-juice, dried herb, or concentrates).

Cannabis is heated via vaping devices to a temperature at which the plant’s psychedelic constituents are released as a vapor and then inhaled. Because vaping doesn’t produce many toxic by-products of burning material, such as tar and other cancer-causing substances, it is believed to be safer than smoking THC.

The main types of Vapes one can choose from

  • Vape Pen (Reusable or Disposable)
  • Portable Vaporizers
  • Tabletop Vaporizers

Let’s discuss all of these types and see what they have to offer.

Things to Consider while using different types of THC Vapes

Vape Pens

You might want to consider vape pens as an entry-level vape if you’re starting to vape. However, beginners should prefer vape pens because they are simple and need little upkeep. Start vaping by simply charging the battery and adding e-liquid to the tank.

There are majorly two types of vape pens: rechargeable and disposable. Generally, a battery-powered vaping device with a range of atomizers and cartridges gets referred to as a rechargeable vape pen.

An all-in-one device with an internal battery, a pre-filled tank, and a coil makes up a disposable THC vape pen. Push-button and draw-activated vape pens are the two most common types of disposable and rechargeable vape pens. They can be disposed of when empty because they are neither refillable nor rechargeable.

If you don’t want to buy extra batteries or clean the vape pen’s tank, you shouldn’t get one because vape pens are prone to battery issues and e-juice leaks. In comparison to other devices, vape pens also have shorter battery life.

Portable Vaporizers

Small and discrete portable vaporizers function similarly to tabletop vaporizers, with the distinction that they are mobile. A chamber to store the cannabis flower or concentrate, a heating element, and a battery are all components of portable vaporizers. Most portable vapes have adjustable temperature controls activated by clicking a button or turning a small dial.

The flower or concentrate inside the chamber gets vaporized because the battery is activated, which heats the element and sends the vapor into the mouthpiece for inhalation. The level of heating accuracy offered by portable THC vape could not be as high as that of a tabletop unit. Nevertheless, because the cannabis vapor produced by portable vaporizers has a milder aroma, they enable quick and covert use.

Depending on the device’s capabilities, we can use portable THC vaporizers to ingest a variety of concentrates, including budder and shatter, as well as flowers. Consider your intended THC consumption methods before buying a portable vaporizer, and then look for a device made to fit that product. You should note the differences between portable dry herb vaporizers, wax vaporizers, and hybrids. Hybrid vapes provide users with the best of both worlds because they are suitable with both flower and wax concentrates, in contrast to dry herb and wax vapes, which function with particular cannabis products.

You should go for portable vaporizers if you want the portability of use with some degree of temperature control, but what kind of THC product you will use should be decided before buying this type of vaporizer.

Tabletop Vaporizers

Tabletop THC vaporizers need a stable platform because they are stationary temperature control devices. Tabletop vaporizers exist in different forms. However, they always share the following four characteristics:

  • A dial for adjusting the temperature
  • A heating source for the concentrates or flowers
  • A heating compartment where the flower or concentrates gets placed
  • A mouthpiece add-on

Some tabletop vaporizers gather the vapor in a bag, which gets separated for inhalation. Others use a long tube connected to the heating chamber, enabling the smoke to travel directly from the vaporizer to the person using the THC vape. Most tabletop vaporizers in this category are used to vape cannabis flowers. It’s possible that after you master using this vape for THC, you’ll also be able to manipulate others.

You should use a tabletop THC vaporizer if you want control over the temperature setting, flexibility of using any flower or concentrate, and reusability.

The downside to tabletop vapes is that they are not portable, expensive, and take time to learn.

Other factors that can help you decide the correct THC vape for you are:

  1. Customizable Airflow

Customizable airflow is another essential component of a vape. Because there are various types of vaping, adjustable airflow and a physical design that promotes high-performance air intake are necessary.

There are two primary varieties of vaping: mouth-to-lung (MTL) and direct-lung (DL). With MTL vaping, you inhale deeply, hold your breath for a moment, and then exhale fully. When you direct-lung vape, you continuously inhale the vapor into your lungs. Check if the THC Vape can handle it with the right amount of power and resistance.

2. Pocket Friendly

People typically base their judgments on costs. After all, there’s no point in burdening yourself with in-depth knowledge of a business and its products if you can’t afford to buy them.

There are essential things you should keep in mind regarding price.

  • Before making a purchase, determine the price range that best matches your budget and ensure the product is neither overpriced nor poorly made. That isn’t easy, given the variety of options, especially with THC Vapes.
  • After identifying the ones that offer the best value for the goods, compare prices. Several brands with possibly comparable prices but various offers and product options exist.
  • Again, you must decide which brand and products are best for you.


Finally, be careful to pick a vaporizer that you can comfortably use. You should be able to choose a vape that suits your palm easily because they come in all different colors, shapes, and sizes.

When selecting the ideal vaporizer for you, there are many factors to consider. But if you bear these suggestions in mind, you ought to be able to get the perfect vape for your requirements. So, until you discover the ideal vape, don’t be scared to experiment and try out different things.

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