Five of the Best Items To Accent an Outfit

Five of the Best Items To Accent an Outfit

Whether you’re into fashion or are trying to dress better, there are a few ways to do so without breaking the bank or worrying too much about what you are wearing. Fashion is style, function, color, pattern, and more. It is dynamic and versatile. It doesn’t matter what the occasion is. Are you going to an event? Are you going out on the town? Is there a party or get together? Below are five of the best items to accent any outfit.


What’s cooler than a great pair of sunglasses? When you are putting together an outfit, a nice pair of shades can really pull it together. Not only do they look cool, but they will also shield your eyes from the sun and hide the emotions that come out through your eyes. Sunglasses can go with any outfit. Whether you’re going to a funeral or a picnic, sunglasses are a great accessory if you are trying to accent or elevate what you are wearing.


What’s interesting about shoes is that they are on the ground and yet they change how we feel about people. A nice pair of shoes will show the people you are with that you can take care of yourself and that you are successful. There are all kinds of shoes for different occasions.

Whether you’re going hiking, on a date, or just hanging around town, a good pair of shoes will put together any outfit. With a good pair of boots, high heels, or ballet flats with arch support, you can bring together your appearance and be comfortable in any situation. Shoes are compulsory, but the type of footwear you choose to wear with an outfit will change the look.


You don’t often think about how your smell influences an outfit. Your smell is a part of it. When you are dressing casually and want to elevate what you’re wearing, putting on a nice cologne or perfume can bring it all together. People remember how you smell. They remember if you wear a cheap fragrance or a high-end one.

It’s no surprise that fragrances are popular in places of wealth. They are, in a sense, one of the parts of an outfit that is overlooked. It may be using a different sense, but to the human observer the fragrance will change how you are perceived.

Hats & Beanies

Headwear is another accent that can really alter your look. Depending on the time of year, the weather, and what you are getting dressed for, a nice hat or a beanie can make the outfit something different. Whether you go for a nice fedora, a messenger hat, a designer beanie, or a cowboy hat, the occasion and how you dress for it matters. Headwear greatly alters the way you look at people. Whether you’re dressing up or dressing down, hats can be a great way to create a fully realized look.

A Watch

For men and women alike, a nice watch will change the game. You can wear a t-shirt and jeans, but if you have a nice Rolex or another fancy watch people will notice. This is the type of thing rich people do to show you their wealth without trying very hard. Watches are works of art and craft. They can be very expensive. Whatever you are wearing and whatever the occasion, a high-end watch, or an outdoors-y one will put some context into your outfit.

You don’t have to be wealthy or very into fashion to dress well. Certain things just work. When you are getting dressed for a particular event, special occasion, or activity, accenting your outfit with one of these items can change the way you are seen as well as how you feel.

Some of these items are accessories, but some are commodities. Everyone needs shoes, for example, but if you take the time and put in the effort to find, buy, and wear a nice pair of shoes, people will remember. Accenting an outfit with one of these items can show that you want to be comfortable and look good at the same time. Next time you’re dressing, think about ways to accent what you wear.

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