6 Minimalist Fashion Must-Haves for Women

6 Minimalist Fashion Must-Haves for Women

Though minimalism is rooted in an artistic movement that began in the 1960s, it’s evolved into a way of life that its followers say leads to happiness and freedom. While minimizing your possessions is one aspect of leading a minimalist lifestyle, for most minimalists, it translates into their wardrobes too. While the minimalist wardrobe calls for eliminating items that no longer fit you or suit your style and curating a wardrobe of staple pieces that work together, that doesn’t mean you can’t express yourself. Whether you are looking to pare down to a minimalist wardrobe or are already doing capsule dressing and need a refresher, keep reading for women’s wardrobe staples in the minimalist closet.

The Right Jeans

While the debate might always be on the most flattering jean cut – straight leg or skinny – having the “right” jeans is essential in a minimalist wardrobe. If you don’t already have a pair of well-worn jeans that are your go-to, try on as many cuts and washes as possible until you find your ideal pair. Jeans are one of the most iconic pieces of fashion for a reason – they look great with everything, on everyone, and are worn year-round. While the right pair of jeans can be quite expensive, consider them an investment, not a splurge. Good jeans should last a lifetime with proper care and mending.

Huggie Earrings

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but they’re not practical for everyday wear as far as most women are concerned. A pair of huggie earrings are key in a minimalist wardrobe as they go with everything. They can dress up your LBD for a night out or help you look pulled together in a t-shirt and jeans. While statement necklaces and cocktail rings aren’t for everyone, a simple pair of dainty huggies are.

Crisp Whites

Whether you’re hopping on a flight and want to be prepared for anything but only carrying a backpack, or you like owning ten items of clothing – a white button-up and a white t-shirt need to be on your list. A white t-shirt can serve as an undershirt or a main top. The classic white button-up works with everything from denim cut-offs to meeting dress codes at fine restaurants and clubs. Make sure you’ve got these clean, crisp whites in your wardrobe.


Perhaps one of the most iconic and well-known items in any woman’s closet is the Little Black Dress. While it’s gained the famous acronym, your LBD doesn’t have to be little or black. The LBD every woman should own is a dressier piece that she always feels confident in and works for various occasions. So, whether your LBD is a mini sequin dress or a teal jumpsuit, one elevated outfit is a must-have for even the strictest minimalists.

White Sneakers

Nothing works year-round like white sneakers. You can switch from low tops to slip-on or even high tops, but white sneakers work year-round. When kept clean, they’re appropriate for various events and outings and look phenomenal with everything from dresses and suits to casual summer rompers. A pair of clean white sneakers is essential if you only want a few pairs of shoes in your wardrobe.

Black Leather Jacket

Whether your style is more preppy than punk rock doesn’t matter when it comes to a black leather jacket. These pieces are critical to the minimalist wardrobe, even if you’re vegan and want to choose a faux leather jacket. Black leather jackets look great in fall and winter and work with various outfits; some women even wear them on their wedding days! If you don’t already have a black leather jacket, they can be a significant upfront investment, but they’re a piece you’ll get to use for the rest of your life. If you’re a frequent thrift or vintage shopper, you may get lucky and find a beautiful vintage jacket for less!

Of course, your wardrobe will consist of other key pieces that fit your style and other more personal factors, but the above-mentioned items will work for every woman if she’s curating a minimalist wardrobe. Most of them can be worn year-round and work regardless of your aesthetic. Remember to invest in the highest quality you can afford and buy it for life when you can.

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