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Just Sayin’ (My Post #NNB2012 debrief)

*waves to anyone who came here because they met me at Blogopolis on Saturday. You may remember me by such tweets as: How to ….. make your Hillsongy cousins boycott your 30th, by the little lioness #nnb2012 — Fiona. littlelioness (@phonakins) June 29, 2012 That one got a laugh, and really showed how much I…

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Something about Gillard

Yes, it’s brilliant that Australia finally has a female PM, but I’m still a little uneasy with it until the voters return her later this year. I still have this fear that we (as a nation) will show how backwards we can be, by voting in lock-up-your daughters-cos-there’s-no-sex-until-marriage Tony Abbott rather than *gasp* letting a…

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