Encouraging Your Year 5 Child Maths Learning at Home: A Guide for Parents

Encouraging Your Year 5 Child Maths Learning at Home: A Guide for Parents

Maths is a subject that deals with numbers. It is all about solving numerical problems. A school-going pupil is required to practice maths regularly, both in school and at home, to master the concepts. While the child is at home, the parent or the guardian is responsible for encouraging maths learning.

Fortunately, there are platforms one can use to download approved maths learning resources. For instance, the Cazoom Maths platform has what you need to encourage year 5 child maths learning.

With that said, let’s look at the best ways to encourage year 5 child maths learning at home.

The Role of the Parents and Guardians

Children look up to their parents and guardians as role models and rely on their encouragement to learn mathematics and other subjects. They need to provide the right atmosphere for learning and always help the child with maths learning.

Parents as teachers – Some parents cannot imagine themselves as maths teachers at home. But the reality is that you will need to help the year 5 child solve algebra, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, and more. When you participate, the child will enjoy learning, which promotes mastering.

Parents of resource providers – A year 5 child needs all the necessary resources to learn maths at home. First, they need a tablet or a computer and access to the internet. Most importantly, find a reputable maths resources platform like the one we mentioned at the beginning. Parents and guardians should look for the best platform with all the materials and help to access them as well.

Promote Maths Talk and Games

Parents and guardians have a role in promoting maths learning for their year 5 child. One of the ways is by promoting maths talks such as counting groceries, shopping lists, the addition of items in the kitchen, and others. Such practical applications help the child to learn fast and associate maths problems with life problems.

Another great way is to buy the child maths games accessories and materials. It is best to have games and charts boards with mathematical problems to be solved. Take your time to solve them with the child to identify their strong and weak areas.

Hiring a Home-Based Tutor

Parents and guardians can hire a home-based tutor to help a year 5 child learn mathematics. These are professional tutors who fit into the schedule of the child, mostly to help with weak or difficult objects.

A good tutor should first create a good relationship with the child under the supervision of the parent before they commence learning. They should also identify the strengths and weaknesses of the child before they start learning.

Private maths learning through the help of a tutor boosts the performance of the child in an incredible way. However, it should be highly supervised by a parent to ensure that only the relevant maths learning is done.

Final Words

Parents and guardians must encourage maths learning at home for their year 5 children. Likewise, it is good to plan for other subjects too for comprehensive learning. You should liaise with teachers to know the areas to touch on, give more attention to, and so forth. All the best in helping your year 5 child learn maths at home.