The Odds for 2023 Super Bowl

The Odds for 2023 Super Bowl

As the championship match that defines the NFL season, the Super Bowl has a storied history. This showdown has produced stunning victories, great individual performances and legendary comebacks over the years.

What many forget though is that there has only been a game to decide the NFL champion since 1966, when the AFL and NFL merged. That first game ended with a win for the Green Bay Packers, but the term Super Bowl only came into usage in 1969.

No team has dominated in recent years, although the Brady-led Patriots have come closest. The current regular season is around halfway through, but it is all still up for grabs and these are the teams with the best odds to win the 2023 Super Bowl.

Buffalo Bills

The Bills are ranked one of the favorites by bookmakers for the Super Bowl, at +325. A lot of their juice so far in the AFC East has come via the star performances of quarterback Josh Allen.

At the moment though, the Bills look pretty solid in both offense and defense, but a lack of depth of defensive quality means that they could be derailed by injuries there. It is also likely that they will need better from at least one of the running backs on their roster once they get into the ultra-tough play-off games, if they want to make it through them.

Baltimore Ravens

Current odds of around +1400 for the championship might make it seem like the Ravens do not belong on this list. Their division form suggests otherwise though, as does bringing in Roquan Smith before the trade deadline.

He is a big upgrade on their previous linebacker options and the five tackles in his first match show he is ready to push them forward. With a defense producing turnovers and sacks and better overall fitness than they have enjoyed in recent seasons, it’s no surprise the Ravens are tipped for success in the Super Bowl odds.

Their chances depend on keeping key players like Smith and ageless edge rusher Justin Houston fit and able to play, with his 6.5 sacks in three games showing how important he is to them.

They may not pay off, but if they do they will pay off more spectacularly than a safer bet.

Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs have been there or thereabouts in the NFL for the past few seasons and are in the mix again this year. Losing wide receiver Tyreek Hill to the Miami Dolphins was expected to be a blow this year and it has been, as they do not have anyone of equal talent in that position.

There is less overall ability in their first-team roster than there has been in previous seasons, and yet…they are still rated highly for the Super Bowl by bookies. Their odds currently stand in the region of +550 at most sports betting sites.

One reason for that is the continued presence of outstanding quarterback Patrick Mahomes II. He is a former MVP and played a pivotal role in the Super Bowl-winning season of 2019. The second reason is their brilliant coach Andy Reid.

They score when they have to, to win games and that is an invaluable trait.

Dallas Cowboys

Like the Ravens, the Cowboys have slightly more outside odds, but could be a good pick for those who favor a higher risk/reward ratio. As with the Chiefs, their strength is in defense plus a stubborn ability to score when needed, even if it is not always that pretty.

They started the season with an injury crisis but seem to have ridden that out to keep themselves in NFL East contention. They have also started to show signs of improving in offense in recent weeks, thanks to a pass-rushing unit that is probably the best in the league at the moment.

In defense, Dak Prescott has bounced back well since regaining fitness. It will be interesting to see if he can maintain his form against the very best offenses though.

Philadelphia Eagles

The ability of Jalen Hurts to step up as first-choice quarterback was crucial to the Eagles’ chances this year and he is delivering on his promise at last. He is being helped by a fantastically strong offensive line that can intimidate even the best defenses.

Devonta Smith and AJ Brown have been two other star performers, giving Hurts the pass game he needs to co-ordinate the offense. Philadelphia also look much more solid defensively than in the past few years, making them the NFC heavyweights and a sure bet for the play-offs.

Odds of around +500 make them a strong Super Bowl gamble too.

These are five of the teams that are currently ranked among the favorites for this year’s Super Bowl. Things can change quickly though.