Police Accident Report: All You Should Know

Police Accident Report: All You Should Know

Before filing a claim with your insurance company, you need enough evidence. A police report is part of the evidence you will use to file for claims after a car accident. Police report details everything about the accident, helping the insurance company and the court to make informed decisions. Thus, it’s important to report the accident to the police. A police report contains information such as car registration details, parties involved, how the accident happened, etc. Ensure that the Houston crash report contains accurate information. The following guide will help you understand everything about police accident reports.

Date And Location

Indicate the time and date. Be specific about location details. Mention the road, county, and town. If possible, describe how the weather was when the accident happened.

Drivers and Automobiles

Don’t forget to record the other drivers’ names and contact information. You may also want to consider writing down their driving license number, as well as, their date of birth. Find out if they have a corrective eyewear requirement and if they weren’t wearing glasses when the accident occurred.

Make sure that your report includes detailed information about all vehicles involved, including the make and model.


In most cases, the police won’t write a lot of information about passengers. But the truth is that they’re usually the best witnesses. So, be sure to check that such details have been accurately captured in the police report.

You’ll also want to make sure that they’ve taken recorded statements of other third-party witnesses. Since they aren’t connected to any of the drivers, third-party witnesses will have no bias. Request the responding officer to collect as many statements as possible.

Accident Information

Make sure the police accident reports are duly filled. Check if the information is correct. When filling out the form, be sure to describe the crash in detail. Don’t try hiding anything. Disclose as much information as you can.


This is the best place for you to explain yourself. Confirm the accuracy of what the responding officer has written down. If possible, review the other party’s statements. If you discover any errors, be sure to notify the police officer. Some things might look simple but they can negatively impact your claim.

Key Takeaway

If your car gets damaged in the parking lot, the police might not file a report. And this is particularly true if there weren’t any major injuries.

The Bottom-Line

A police report is used to record essential details regarding an accident. It gives a clear picture of what transpired. It captures the details of the parties involved. A police report will be required when calculating your claims. That’s why you should report your accident as soon as possible. The above guide will help you understand what a police report is and how it can help strengthen your case.