Why Leggings are Your New Day-To-Night Wardrobe Solution

Why Leggings are Your New Day-To-Night Wardrobe Solution

Back when everyone worked in the office, adjusting your outfit to go from day to night was a little simpler. You had already put on the dressy clothes perfect for transitioning from staff meetings to happy hour. Things like nylons, heels, and little black dresses are a thing of the past for most folks who have transitioned from a traditional workplace to working from home. Our remote work wardrobes have gotten looser, stretchier, and more casual, at least from the waist down.

There is one piece of clothing you can rely on to get you from a day on your couch to a night on the town in no time. The answer is leggings. Leggings aren’t just loungewear if you do it right. Womens leggings can either be their own statement piece or serve as the strong basics that highlight the things you want to show off, like a great pair of really interesting shoes. Here are some smart ways to restyle womens leggings to go from casual to classy in 10 minutes.

Basic Black 

Yes, you can wear your basic black leggings with a hoodie and your favorite sneakers all day even out to run lowkey errands, like the grocery store. Once you need to face the world as a person ready for dinner and a show, however, you’ll need to dress it up. Swap the hoodie for a simple top and shawl cardigan. Ditch the sneakers in favor of flats. Add some great earrings, a splashy purse, and just like that, you are entirely put together. Throw on a tunic dress and tall boots and your leggings are now your warm tights and no one’s the wiser. 

Leather Look 

Leather pants don’t have such a heavy biker chick connotation as they used to, but they still put off a rebellious vibe. At home, you might wear your leather leggings with a simple t-shirt and cardigan, to remind yourself that you don’t put up with nonsense or discomfort.

When you hit the town after work, think about contrasts to hit the right edge with those same leggings. A long, chic blazer over a sleek blouse sends serious vibes of strength. To soften the look, consider going for a more gauzy, or feminine blouse. Don’t skimp on accessories with this look. Leather leggings convey power. Go with it. Put on a pile of pieces that make you feel strong. 


A little sparkle can go a long way. Sparkly leggings and a kitschy, oversized tee can brighten your day as you type away on the couch. Better still, they leave you most of the way ready for a super fun night out. If your besties have been pleading with you for a festive cocktail hour, you can be ready to wow them in a flash.

Swap the tee for a solid-colored poncho sweater and some leather boots. Sparkles draw the eye and you don’t want people’s gaze to get stuck on your thighs, so put on a long, shiny necklace and some bold lipstick or eye makeup, to keep people’s admiring looks moving upward.

Suede and Velvet

There is something so cozy about a really soft, fuzzy texture. If you have the kind of day where you really need to curl up with your coffee and plow through a ton of busy work, suede or velvet leggings and an ultra-soft sweater will comfort you through your overflowing inbox.

Especially in the colder months, suede and velvet leggings transition beautifully to evening wear. They have a naturally lux feel that you can enhance and play off of. A classic white blouse and pearls, under a sharp jacket or blazer, is a balance of modern and classic. Play up the texture with an even fluffier long cardigan or faux fur jacket, with wedges and some big earrings. Or channel your inner rock god with a classic concert tee, biker coat, and stilettos.


 Jeggings are everyone’s new favorite loungewear jeans, if they are being honest with themselves. There is almost nothing you can’t wear with them when you work from home. Because denim is so ubiquitously associated with streetwear, if you want to dress up denim leggings, you’ll have to choose items that are clearly not casual. Go with a dress, a very structured blazer, or a top that you’d never wear during the day.

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