Sports Betting | How To Start?

Sports Betting | How To Start?

Sports betting is a type of bet between a person who decides to place a bet and a bookmaker’s office. As a result, he expects to win or lose (guessed or unguessed). For example, consider the classic case of betting on the victory of a team participating in a competition. You bet on Team A to win. If it happens, you win. And if not, your money is taken by the bookmaker.

Of course, all bets are made for real money, not for fun. Therefore, betting on sports is a game of chance, in which the bettor either wins a certain amount of money or loses it in the end. And how much you can earn from sports betting depends on experience, the chosen strategy, and the size of the bet.

Online Betting Companies

Bettors can make bets on the official site and through the mobile app. This allows them to play wherever there is internet access.

Users independently study the line and the spread, opening those sections that interest them. It is enough to add the outcome to the basket, enter the amount and confirm the transaction. To replenish the balance and get the winnings, it is not necessary to go anywhere.

Main advantages:

  • Time savings;
  • Round-the-clock access;
  • Comparison of bookmakers (you can choose the most suitable option for betting and the highest odds);
  • Bonuses and promotions (there are many more online);
  • Possibility to organize your work according to your objectives and preferences;
  • The absence of distractions.

In addition, live betting is better to do only online, as it is required not only to make decisions quickly but also to make certain actions quickly. In addition, the website and the app support one-click betting for a predetermined amount. Also, the bookmaker can automatically accept the deal, despite the change in odds.

Professional bettors also prefer to work remotely. They have to process a lot of information to make a prediction. To do it leisurely and qualitatively in a betting shop is almost impossible. Online betting is more suitable for people who have an active life and an unstable schedule.

Where To Start?

Firstly, choose a bookmaker. Every betting company (for example, 1xBet) is happy for a new client. You should not be in a hurry to choose. Betting companies differ in such parameters as:

  • The value of the odds;
  • Line: the choice of sports, tournaments, and events;
  • The spreadsheets: the choice of bets;
  • Available payment and withdrawal methods;
  • Legality and availability in India;
  • A wealth of Live;
  • Website usability, bonuses, customer support, and so on.

Secondly, select sports and tournaments. When you win your first money, you feel like betting on everything. Even on something you first learned about on the bookmaker’s site. This will lead to losing money and is unlikely to be satisfying.

Finally, choose to play those sports and competitions which you are interested in outside the bookmaker’s office.

The novice player needs to decide on the sport and championship on which he will bet. There can be several such tournaments. But the more competition you try to cover, the less time there will be for analysis. Because of this, the probability of accurate predictions in betting on sporting events decreases.

In the first place choose:

  • A sport in which you are well versed;
  • The top championship;
  • A few popular clubs.

The main thing is to learn how to analyze the balance of power, at least in some matches. A superficial study of opponents at a distance leads to losing the bank.

How To Bet From Mobile Gadgets: Instructions And Tips

In the last few years, an increasing number of betting company clients choose to place their bets online using mobile devices. The explanation is quite simple: operating a large stationary computer requires time and space, which cannot always be afforded. A laptop is somewhat smaller, but working with it also requires certain facilities.

For professional players, it is very necessary to keep abreast of all the happenings in the world of sports and betting. They do not miss significant events. However, it is not always easy to have a computer or laptop at hand to go to the site of a bookmaker’s office and make a bet.

Today, the problems with access are partly solved. It is enough to have a smartphone, tablet or other gadget with Internet connection. Do not go to the desktop version of the official site: on a small screen it will not look very presentable, and a portable browser will not be able to accommodate all the available content.

Most bookmakers produce a special version of the site, adapted to work with mobile devices. Some also develop applications for the most famous platforms – Windows Mobile, iOS and Android.

To place a bet on a sporting event, it is necessary to perform the following action sequence:

  1. Learn whether the bookmaker’s office allows you to work with mobile devices. Find out about all available options to get to the site from your tablet. You may have to download and install an app with a built-in feature set that you can use to place bets and perform other operations.
  2. Connect to the internet and log in to your gaming account. If you don’t already have it, you’ll have to make a new one. You can do it both on the desktop version of the website and on the mobile version. Registration from a PC is much more user-friendly, but many bookmakers adjust the registration form for mobile devices.
  3. Refill your account in the bookmaker’s office. When registering, ask which payment methods the bookmaker supports, and whether you can afford to use them. Almost all bookmakers support payments through bank cards and e-wallets. Important nuance: not all mobile applications and websites support deposit and withdrawal, so you may need a desktop version. There is no need for additional registration: your credentials can be used on all resources of the bookmaker’s office.
  4. Complete the verification. The exact moment when you will be asked to confirm your identity depends on the bookmaker’s office you have chosen and a number of other factors. To verify your identity, it is enough to upload the copies of the documents, used when filling out the registration form.
  5. Review the table of possible events to bet on, and consider the current lineup. If you manage to find the optimal outcome-coefficient ratio, you can select the outcome and place your bet. If you don’t find it, you can go to another bookmaker’s office: most probably you will get a reasonable offer there. The odds on the mobile site and in the mobile app are most often similar to those offered by the bookmaker’s office on the official site and in the stationary offices. However, some companies have a bonus system designed especially for mobile players.

The possibility to make a bet on a sporting occasion using a mobile device is valuable for both clients and bookmakers. Extra bonuses provided by the bookmaker attract new users who have extra money for betting on sports. The bookmaker gets clients who can bet money from any affordable gadget, players get the chance to bet from a cell phone, which is also always in their pocket.

Types Of Bonuses Offered By Online Betting Companies

Bookmaker companies currently distinguish between the following types of bonuses:

  • Cashback;
  • Freebet;
  • Welcome bonus on the first deposit;
  • On deposit, for previously registered users;
  • Prompt promotions;
  • Drawings and contests;
  • Loyalty Program;
  • For attracting a friend.

Cashback is a refund. Bookmakers divide it into two subcategories – a refund for funds lost for a specific period and cashback for deposits made. Usually, any cashback needs to be wagered – by betting on specific terms.

Freebets are free bets. There are more variations because free bets can be given to players for registering, installing applications, winning quizzes, for a birthday, or as part of a loyalty program. The distinctive feature of such a bonus is that wagering is possible with a single bet – if the player passes, he takes the net profit, and if he loses, he loses nothing.

Welcome, for the first deposit is an offer in which new players of betting companies receive a bonus for the first deposit after registration and account verification. Distinguished by favorable conditions – you only need to register and deposit your account. But wagering such a bonus is usually not easy – you need to bet on an increased amount of bonus by several times the value of the offer, with conditions for betting not always loyal (there may be overestimated odds or specific game disciplines for betting).

The deposit bonus for previously registered users differs from the previous type only in that it is available only to those players who have already spent some time on the service for an active game. Otherwise, the conditions are similar to the welcome offers, which give such bonuses the status of complex wagering.

Term promotions imply the fulfillment of certain conditions to get freebies/cashback for a specific period of time. For example, players are given a week to make the most bets with high odds according to the specified conditions: a cash reward will be waiting for them for this.

Draws and contests are usually held with larger prizes and more complex conditions. Contests can be with smaller amounts of rewards, but the bookmaker’s requirements to the participants will be more loyal (for example, to bet on hockey and get points, bypassing other participants). Mass raffles can be accompanied by a powerful prize pool, which includes not only money but also smartphones, watches, home appliances, as well as cars, or real estate.

A loyalty program is a special set of conditions that involve rewards at the end of a certain period. Unlike a term promotion here, the bookmaker does not imply a time limit and makes the offer permanent for all categories of users. For example, you can bet on any game discipline at different odds and get loyalty points, which can then be exchanged for real items or money.

The referral bonus is a typical example of a reward for participation in a referral program. The player needs to provide other bettors with a link to register at the bookmaker’s company, by which they need to create an account and verify it. If the invited user fulfills these conditions and starts to play actively – both players receive a cash bonus.

Promo codes. So are called special combinations of symbols, at the activation of which the betting company gives individual bonuses – freebies, cashback, exclusive prizes, etc. The main difference is the need to enter the symbols in a special box on the promotion page before fulfilling other conditions for getting the reward.


What is the easiest way to raise money on sports betting?

You need to decide right away how much money you are willing to risk at the bookmaker. Do not exceed your limit no matter what.

Which sport is the most profitable for betting?

The one you know best.

What’s the best sport for betting if you’re just starting out?

Choose to play those sports and competitions that you are interested in outside the bookmaker’s office.

How to bet on sports on the Internet for the first time?

In order to start betting, you need to have an account at a bookmaker’s office. You also need to have knowledge of the sport and have the money to start playing.

How to understand where to bet on sports betting?

To determine the event on which to bet, you need to parse the game, understand the trends of past matches, and determine the strength of the teams.

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