The FIFA World Cup 2022 and Bet365

The FIFA World Cup 2022 and Bet365

The FIFA World Cup is already rolling. The world’s best players are shining at their brightest. We’ve already seen a few incidents that no one anticipated. All of these prove again why the FIFA World Cup is perhaps the best event for sports betting in the world!

When you bet on high-voltage matches, you must opt for a reputed online bookmaker. Otherwise, all the enjoyment can go to vain without you even realizing it! If you’re here for recommendations, we highly suggest Bet365 sportsbook, no matter where you are.

If you do a little research on the internet, you’ll know why Bet365 is considered one of the finest online betting sites in the world! Or, you can read the BetZillion review to learn about all the features that matter to the punters.

However, this Littlelioness post is not a sportsbook review. Instead, we will focus on the FIFA World Cup section of the site while we’re at it. Creating a dedicated wing on the website for significant sports events is nothing new for online bookmakers. But Bet365 excels most of them in terms of quality. Let’s get deep with what you can expect.

A Little Background

Based in the United Kingdom, Bet365 is currently the world’s largest online gambling company that’s privately held. When writing this piece, the company is 22 years old, making it one of the pioneers of online gambling. You can see the reflection of the experience in the features and odds offered at events.

Apart from the headquarters, the company has offices in Australia, Bulgaria, Malta, and Gibraltar. Within the UK, there is a branch in Manchester. Although there have been a few hiccups in the journey, Bet365 has managed to hold its ground pretty well across the board.

The company has won numerous awards as operator of the year, the most influential gambling company, etc. The CEO has also been named one of the 100 most powerful women in the UK!

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Littlelioness Dissects World Cup on Bet365

As promised, we’re about to dive deep into the World Cup section of the Bet365 website. The first thing you need to do is visit the Bet365 website from your location. Get your snacks and get comfortable because it will be a memorable journey. Don’t use VPNs because you won’t be able to withdraw your money or winnings later.

Look for the “World Cup” tab on the left-hand side of the screen. It should be right below the offers tab, where all the bonuses are listed.

Now, let’s go tab by tab.


It is the section where you get the most updated data on the FIFA World Cup. As the centerpiece, you’ll see the current match. If there are no matches when you log in, you can directly move to the area where the upcoming matches are listed.

For both sections, you’ll get the odds offered by the operator. As this is not live betting we’re dealing with, the odds won’t change once the match starts. And you have nothing to worry about if you’ve already placed the bets on your preferred team.


The overview section on Bet365 is what it sounds like. It sums up the tournament’s current stage for the bettors. As a result, there’s not much you can do when on that page. Things start to get interesting when you navigate the “Matches” section.

It is where most of the upcoming matches are listed with their 1×2 odds. Apart from the games after the group stage, of course. It’s because there’s no way to know which teams will make it to the round of 16 until the group-stage matches are over.

If you’re unaware, 1×2 is the most common market in football betting. It also works as a window into the match statistics. The odds for “1” refers to the home team winning, “X” refers to a draw, and “2” refers to the away team winning.

As we’re talking about the FIFA World Cup here, none of the 32 teams except for Qatar is a true “home” team. That’s why the bookmaker, Bet365, in this case, will classify team 1 and team 2. The name you can see first on a tile is team 1, and the team below it is team 2.

The odds for each of these matches are exciting to look at. Most group-stage games (strong teams going against weaker teams) are somewhat unfair, so the odds difference is too significant. For example, England was riding 1.50 odds before England vs. the USA match, while the USA got 7.00!

On this page of Bet365, you’ll notice a “>>” symbol followed by a number. It refers to how many bet boosts are available for that particular match. It brings us to the next section of our feature.

Bet Boost

A bet boost is also known as enhanced odds. It means you can win more from a market by betting the same amount. Essentially, you get boosted odds for a particular market. When you navigate the “Bet Boost” tab under the World Cup tab on Bet365, you’ll find the available boosted events sorted by the matches.

Let’s look at the available boosts for England vs. USA match.

  1. Jude Bellingham – First Goalscorer – 12.00 17.00 (you’re getting 17.00 odds instead of 12.00)
  2. Harry Kane to score two or more goals – 6.50 8.50 (you get the idea, right?)
  3. Raheem Sterling to score + Declan Rice over 0.5 tackles + both teams to receive 2+ cards – 10.00 12.00

As you can see from the examples, some markets probably offer higher winning than others. These events are relatively common in the FIFA World Cup on Bet365, considering its high-voltage nature.


This tab contains the list of all 32 teams participating in the tournament. Once you click on any of the teams, all available markets associated with the team will show up. So, if you have a particular team in mind that you want to strategize your betting around, this is the tab you need to visit first.


This section is similar to the previous one. But instead of teams, it deals with groups. The odds for each member to Win Group, To Qualify, and Not to Qualify are offered. This section also works as the points table for the World Cup, so you can also use it for that.


All the odds for the outright winners are projected here. It is a minimalistic section where you can only predict which team will win the cup. Brazil is still the favorite with 3.50 odds (at the time of writing) this year!


It is a prediction section on the Bet365 website where you predict the knockout teams. The outright odds also come in handy for this section.


It is a derivative of the main promotions page on Bet365. This section only includes the bonuses that relate to the FIFA World Cup. Below are the available ones:

  • Bet Boosts
  • 2 Goals Ahead Early Payout Offer
  • 70% Soccer Accumulator Bonus
  • Bore Draw Money Back +
  • Soccer Extra Time Extra Chance
  • Soccer Substitute Guarantee
  • Full-Time Result – Enhanced Prices

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