Selecting equipment for mushroom growing farms – what needs to be taken into account?

Selecting equipment for mushroom growing farms – what needs to be taken into account?

Choosing the right equipment for a mushroom growing farm is necessary in order to ensure the farm’s success. However, considering the wealth of options available currently, it’s not easy to figure out which one is the best.

What constitutes a great piece of equipment for mushroom farms? Which factors are crucial and can’t be overlooked? We’ll describe some of the most important features to look out for below!

Mushroom picking trolleys

Modern mushroom picking trolleys are packed to the brim with both automation features and some non-electrical ones, that nevertheless play an important role in ensuring picking safety, among other things.

Automated movement of the platform (up and down especially, but also right and left) of the trolley is especially worth paying attention to, as it saves time and pickers’ strength, making picking much more efficient (it’s possible to pick significantly more kilograms of mushrooms per square meter of harvest).

High-quality trolleys are also equipped with an automatic stoppage system, which makes sure that the lorry will immediately stop moving if an obstacle (worker, object or anything else) is detected in its path.

Key non-electrical features include a non-slip working platform, chains and railings, doors that open inwards and optimal space for crates for the mushroom, thanks to which the picker can work for longer before there’s a need to empty the crates.

Mushroom knives

Mushroom knives should be, above all, durable and sufficiently sharp. Low-quality handles that will get damaged easily, as well as blades that quickly become dull, are not the way to go.

Good knives, with ergonomic handles and blades resistant to dulling, are only slightly more expensive than ones that will need to constantly be replaced (which will generate higher costs in the long run – therefore, in the end, it’s actually cheaper to buy better equipment, not only when it comes to knives, but other pieces of equipment as well, including those not described here in detail, such as growing nets and lighting of mushrooms).

Scales for mushrooms

Fast and accurate weighing of mushrooms? Only with good scales that are precise, reliable and durable. It’s best to choose battery-powered ones, as there won’t be any risk of a cable getting damaged, which is quite possible considering the harsh conditions in a mushroom-growing farm.

Speaking of harsh conditions (temperature and humidity-wise), waterproofness is a must, as well as great resistance to damage and simple, intuitive operation. It’s also important for the scales to be easy to clean.

High-quality, durable mushroom farm equipment will go a long way toward ensuring efficient picking, higher worker productivity, and better workplace safety. That’s why it’s important to not pick equipment at random but instead make an informed decision. Good equipment that meets all aforementioned conditions can be purchased from proven, reliable producers, such as GROWTIME.

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