Can You Wear Moissanite Engagement Rings every day?

Can You Wear Moissanite Engagement Rings every day?

Choosing Moissanite engagement rings is an excellent decision, as it possesses numerous exceptional qualities that other gemstones lack. Can you wear it every day? How long will it last? The answer is a resounding yes. Engagement rings are pieces of jewelry for daily wear, for a lifetime. They should be with you forever.

If you do not have the money to buy an expensive diamond, do not hesitate to pick Moissanite. This gemstone will give you diamond-like strength and hardness for a durable ring. For that reason, it is perfect for wearing every day because it does not wear or tear easily. Most importantly, you will have an easy time cleaning it although not quite often.

Why Moissanite for your Engagement Rings? 

If you are in the market for an engagement ring, Moissanite is worth considering. This beautiful gemstone has a range of unique and desirable qualities that set it apart from other gemstones. Here they are:

  • Fire and Brilliance. Moissanite is known for its exceptional brilliance and fire, making it a stunning choice for an engagement ring.
  • Strength and Durability. It is also incredibly durable and can withstand everyday wear, making it the perfect piece of jewelry to last a lifetime.
  • Ethical Considerations. In addition, Moissanite is an eco-friendly and affordable alternative to diamonds, making it a smart choice for those who are looking for a stunning ring without breaking the bank.
  • Whether you are looking for a classic, timeless design or a more modern and unique style, Moissanite is a great choice for your engagement ring. The gem is available in different sizes and shapes. As a result, you can custom-make it into a design of your choice.

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Moissanite Engagement Rings
Moissanite Engagement Rings

Caring for Your Moissanite Engagement Ring 

Having a Moissanite engagement ring is a significant investment, and it requires proper care. Removing the ring frequently can result in losing it. However, whether to wear it all the time or take it off depends on your activities.

You can wear your Moissanite or diamond engagement ring at social events, parties, the office, and other gatherings. However, there are certain instances when extra caution is required, including:

  1. Gym or exercise: Moissanite is tough and brilliant. Depending on the ring’s size, some exercises do not require removal. Gentle sports like Yoga and Tai Chi are safe, but contact sports like wrestling, weightlifting, taekwondo, and other martial arts are not. The ring could hurt someone during these activities.
  2. Sunbathing: Most sunscreens contain chemicals that can harm the metal on the engagement ring, especially if they contain sulfates and sulfides. These chemicals can dull the stone’s brilliance.
  3. Swimming: Swimming is generally safe while wearing a Moissanite or diamond engagement ring, but the chemicals in the water can damage the ring’s setting. It is best to avoid wearing the ring in the pool or while swimming.
  4. Gardening: If you love gardening, always wear gloves or remove the ring. The ring can become dirty or scratched while tending to the garden and the likelihood of losing it in the dirt is high.
  5. In the kitchen: Cooking with the ring on is generally safe, but extra caution is required, especially when baking. The kneading of the dough can make the stone and settings dirty.
  6. Sleeping: If you have a habit of changing sleep positions, remove the ring. If the stone is large, it can leave marks on your or your partner’s face.
  7. During a shower: Water exposure can turn your shiny engagement ring into a dull one. As a rule of thumb, avoid wearing your jewelry in water.
  8. Wearing a Moissanite engagement ring every day is possible, but some activities may require extra caution. By following these tips, you can ensure your ring lasts a lifetime. As much as Moissanite has great qualities for making durable rings, you must take caution for a lasting Moissanite experience.

Final Thoughts

Moissanite has superior qualities that you will not find with most gems other than diamonds. Therefore, it is durable enough to withstand harsh environments and situations. However, you should exercise caution at all times when wearing your Moissanite engagement ring.  If you take care of it, it will serve you for a long time while retaining its quality.