Choosing the Ideal Airless Cream Dispenser

Choosing the Ideal Airless Cream Dispenser

Whether you’re a mobile beautician or a store owner that stocks a range of beauty products and accessories, making sure that your clientele is looked after can be a top priority. One of the most useful products on the market is airless cream dispensers, often used by manually inserting creams and other cosmetic products which can then be used for controlled application. In this post, we’ll be taking a look at some of the most popular available and why they can be so useful.

Check out our Airless Dispensers below

30ml Airless Dispenser

These attractive little top-filling dispensers can store up to 30ml of liquid cosmetics, with a transparent structure to show how much is still inside, an attractive silver ring and a lovely, comfortable cap that comes on and off. They can be ideal for foundations and creamy moisturisers – and as they are designed to be simple yet elegant, they can complement any shelf or makeup table and will even fit into a handbag or purse for applications whilst on the move.

100ml Airless Dispenser

For a larger alternative and with a different design – our 100ml airless dispensers are excellent for long-term storage of cosmetic products and look great in salons, at home, or on shelves. The cap is easily removable yet secure and is pressed to release the liquid inside – which can range from the consistency of water to a thicker cream due to the wider than average spout size.

Take a look at our Storage Jars and Containers

10ml Screw On Jar

If you’re in need of an attractive storage container with the security of a screw-on lid, our 10ml jars can be perfect for your needs. They are constructed using high-grade aluminium with a transparent top section, allowing clients to see what’s inside. The solid frame can allow any type of material to be placed inside; from liquid right through to powder.

10ml Slider Box in Aluminium

Another excellent option with a more unique aesthetic is our aluminium boxes with sliding lids that fasten securely. They can hold up to 10ml of a product of your choosing – and they are incredibly easy to store and retrieve whenever you need them.

This is just a small selection of the containers and dispensers that we have available and the full range can be found on our website.

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