4 Ways To Reuse an Old Phone

4 Ways To Reuse an Old Phone

Mobile devices are constantly evolving and improving faster than you can keep up. Some people trade in their devices yearly, but most hold onto their phones until they can buy a new one. If you’re getting ready to upgrade but can’t trade in your phone, here are four ways to reuse it.

1. Make a Donation

One of the best ways to reuse an old phone is to donate it to a worthy cause. For example, agencies involved in domestic abuse cases are happy to receive second-hand cell phones. They’re perfect for their clients to call emergency services even if they’re not activated.

2. Cash in on Your Device

Instead of throwing your old cell phone into a junk drawer, why not make some extra money? You can try listing it online or, better yet, take it to an eco-ATM. What is ecoATM? It’s a handy kiosk in stores all over the United States where you can get immediate cash for your old device.

3. Use Your Phone for Travel

Another fantastic way to repurpose an old phone is to use it for international travel. If your old phone happens to be unlocked, you can take it abroad and load it with an inexpensive SIM card for local service. If you’re not a traveler, search for ecoATMs near me and get cash for your phone instead.

4. Recycle Your Cellphone

If you’re an avid recycler and want to dispose of your old phone forever, you can recycle it. Do an online search for electronic retailers that accept old phones, or call your solid waste department for instructions. You could also use the old phone as an alarm clock or a second camera.

If you’re upgrading to a new cellphone, do something meaningful with your old one. Sell it, donate it or use it for travel, but don’t let it go to waste!

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