Car Insurance


Working as an independent contractor for companies like Shipt is becoming increasingly common. However, many people aren’t aware of what the requirements are when it comes to car insurance. Using your car for business does change some things about the process of obtaining insurance and the type of coverage you need, as insurance companies consider the risks to be different than those associated with personal use. The fact that standards for auto insurance coverage are typically set on a state-by-state basis in the U.S. can make it even more confusing to figure out what coverage requirements you have to satisfy to get on the road. If you’re considering driving for Shipt, read on to learn whether or not you need insurance coverage.

Car insurance is a requirement in many places and provides financial protection in an auto accident. Depending on the type of coverage you have, your policy could cover many situations or incidents. For most people, car insurance premiums are a bill that must be included in their monthly budget. The average driver pays about $1,500 a year for insurance. However, many of these drivers end up with a monthly payment of around $125 a month. Monthly payments make car insurance affordable and allow drivers to avoid paying a hearty lump sum of cash upfront.

Do you drive over the bridge every day to get to New Jersey to work? Maybe you drive from Trenton, NJ to Philadelphia on your daily commute to a high-rise office building in the city center. Whatever your typical route may be, driving along the busy I-95 and Route 1 can lead to accidents, traffic, and slowdowns that affect your mood – who wants to be stuck in standstill traffic at 7:30am on a Friday? No one!

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