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On 27 February 1983, Kate Mara was born. She is an American television and movie actress. Kate Mara is a well-known Hollywood actress who has acted in more than fifty characters which include 38 movies and 20 TV series. She is renowned for her characters of, Ben Harmon’s vengeful mistress, Hayden McClain in the movie American Horror Story and ambitious journalist Zoe Barnes in the political thriller House of Cards, which has gotten Primetime Emmy Award nominee.

She has participated in prominent tasks, for example, the activity film 24, thriller 127 Hours, Iron Man 2 superhero action movie, and bombing venture – comic saga Fantastic Four, selected for Golden Raspberry Awards. She got the Max Mara Face of the Future Award in the structure of Women In Film in 2015. In 2017, the young lady co-produced the sentimental film My Days of Mercy and perform the lead character in it.  

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She is the elder sister of entertainer Patricia Rooney Mara, named for Oscar and Golden Globe Award for her characters in the acting Carol and investigator The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.


The Hollywood actress was born in Bedford. Her dad r was a vice president of the NFL scout and New York Giants whose name is Timothy Christophe. Her mom Kathleen McNulty was a housewife and look after her kids. Kate is their second child. She is the older sister of Patricia Rooney Mara and two brothers that are Conor and Daniel.

Mara said that, in her childhood, she was an exceptionally bashful girl, who complexes when she was speaking with outsiders. She had just a single companion, and she stayed away from the others. Kate started acting on the stage at 9 years old in a school melodic. In this way, the young lady went to numerous theater-expressions schools. In 1993, it was her first tryout for the TV show Homicide. She didn’t get the job however understood that she needed to turn into an actor.


In 1999, Mara’s movie debut was in Random Hearts with Harrison Ford, directed by Sydney Pollack. She performed Jessica Chandler’s role, the little girl of a senator (Kristin Scott Thomas). She next showed up in the Sundance Film Festival award-winning movies Joe the King (1999) and Tadpole (2002), along with Sigourney Weaver. Mara co-featured in Peoples (2004), a show and story about growing upshot in Louisville, Kentucky. In 2005 she showed up with Noah Wyle and Illeana Douglas in The Californians, and she featured in the direct-to-video thriller movie Urban Legends Bloody Mary. It was her secondary character as the girl of Heath Ledger’s character in the Academy Award-winning Brokeback Mountain that year, though that got her more inescapable consideration.

At the start of 2006, Mara endorsed with the William Morris Agency and was remembered for the New York Daily News list of “10 youthful entertainers who have a shot at becoming famous”. She showed up in the hero film Zoom that year, with Tim Allen and Courteney Cox, playing Summer Jones (otherwise known as Wonder), a 16-year-old young lady with supernatural and empathic capacities.

Mara showed up in the satire Full of It with Ryan Pinkston for New Line Cinema, in 2007. The film later circulated on TV as Big Liar on Campus. Mara was likewise highlighted in a publicizing effort for attire retailer Gap called, “khakis with mentality.” She showed up in Shooter, a spine chiller about an expert sharpshooter tricked out of retirement to forestall death, in light of the novel Point of Impact. Mara played Kentucky widow Sarah Fenn, the adoration interest of Mark Wahlberg’s character’s accomplice, and afterward Wahlberg’s character himself. She embraced a southern tongue for the job. Chief Antoine Fuqua promptly felt Mara was ideal for the part when she tried out.

Mara at the press trip for We Are Marshall on December 10, 2006.

In 2009, Mara shot the autonomous comedy Peep World, featuring Michael C. Corridor, Sarah Silverman, and Rainn Wilson, and joined the cast of Marvel’s Iron Man 2, showing up as a U.S. Marshal. Mara likewise shot the group rom-com upbeat thank you all the more please in New York City in July 2009. She plays a server and hopeful artist named Mississippi, in a tale around six single New Yorkers in their 20s. In 2010, Mara showed up in the endurance dramatization 127 Hours, coordinated by Danny Boyle, featuring close by James Franco and Amber Tamblyn. Mara plays an explorer in the film, a genuine tale about Aron Ralston, a climber caught while mountaineering in Utah.

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Mara will star with Forest Whitaker, Bruce Willis, and Malin Åkerman in the autonomous dramatization Catch .44, composed and coordinated by Aaron Harvey. The venture started shooting in Shreveport, Louisiana on July 11, 2010. As of July 2010, Mara was offered a featuring function in Safe House, a film about a gathering of U.S. Marshals appointed to ensure an observer in a mafia preliminary, featuring Lena Headey, Michael Ironside, and Michael Trucco.


From 2010 to 2014, Mara’s boyfriend was Max, a child of the British director Anthony Minghella. Beforehand, she had relations with director Joseph McGinty Nicole, the creator of the TV series Supernatural, and the English artist Charlie Cox, well-known for his characters in the fantasy Stardust, TV series Boardwalk Empire and Daredevil. In July 2017, Kate wedded the English artist Jamie Bell. In 2015, they had bumped into during the making of the film Fantastic Four. It was Bell’s second marriage. Jamie had a kid with Katie Mara, in 2019.

Kate Mara is a veggie and fellow of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). She featured in one of the videos of the firm that endorsed the global movement Meatless Monday, in 2015.

Some Best Kate Mara Movies of Her Career

  • Shooter
  • The Martian
  • Megan Leavey
  • Transcendence
  • We Are Marshall

Kate Mara Quotes

I want to do something crazy for a part – something I’d never even consider in real life.



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