Rebecca Lobie

Rebecca Lobie

Rebecca Lobie, Steve Irwin’s ‘hot niece’, shows off her spectacular cleavage in an unbuttoned denim jumpsuit as she appreciates a weekend outing.

She is the niece of the late Steve Irwin, known for his shocking posts on Instagram.

Also, on Saturday, Rebecca Lobie racked up consideration in another sizzling photograph.

The 33-year-old discovered her ravishing cleavage in a mostly unbuttoned blue denim jumpsuit while revelling in a weekend outing in Queensland.

Scandalous: Steve Irwin’s ‘hot niece’ Rebecca Lobie, 33, showed off her spectacular cleavage in an unbuttoned denim jumpsuit for an Instagram photo Saturday (imagined), while appreciating a weekend outing.

Rebecca hid her gaze in trendy shades and kept her magnificence looking charming, picking up wavy blonde tresses and perfect cosmetics.

She ran a hand through the strands and left her thick lips slightly parted.

“Excursions,” the post captioned, near the hashtags “occasion time” and “weekend fun.”

Family partnership: The blonde sensation is Frank Muscillo’s baby girl, who is married to Steve Irwin’s sister, Joy.

The mother-of-two later shared another stunning photograph on Instagram Stories, this time wearing a khaki bathing suit and enjoying a mixed drink in the sun.

Rebecca is the daughter of Frank Muscillo, who is married to Joy, Steve Irwin’s sister.

Steve, referred to millions of people around the world as “The Crocodile Hunter”, passed away in September 2006 at the age of 44.

Shifting gears: Rebecca was previously the managing director of Irwin’s private company, the Australia Zoo, but left in December 2015

Rebecca was already the supervising director of Irwin’s private company, the Australia Zoo, but she left in December 2015.

His cousin Bindi Irwin, Steve’s daughter, continues to run the Australia Zoo, along with her mother Terri Irwin and her brother Robert Irwin.

A source close to the renowned tribe has claimed that Rebecca, 32, no longer needs to fight with her cousin, especially now that she is pregnant.

With Rebecca being the mother of two, the source guaranteed that she would like to “patch paths” with her cousin so that their children can be close to each other.

“[She] needs her young men to meet their cousins ​​and is confident that Bindi’s son will make a big difference,” said the source.

Bindi and her husband Chandler Powell stated that they were expecting their first child in August when they broke the news on Instagram.

“Infant Wildlife Warrior for 2021”, Bindi composed. “Chandler and I are pleased to report that we are looking forward to it! It is an honour to share this extraordinary second of our lives with you.”

The cousins ​​were reportedly close to growing up, especially when the Bindi people worked at the Australia Zoo near the people of Rebecca, Frank and Joy Muscillo.

Rebecca, who has been married to her better half Mick for a long time, was also the chief supervisor of the zoological garden until she left in 2015.

A year ago, Rebecca’s mom, Joy, who is Steve’s more established sister, objected to the rift between the family and the Irwins, describing it as “super regrettable … family thing.”

In a meeting with Daily Mail Australia, Joy guaranteed that Terri asked her better half to leave the zoo and that she and her adult children left soon after.

Lobie said Tuesday that she and her family had been immersed in messages of “meaning” after fans found her Instagram account uploaded in a bathing suit a month ago, which is a clear departure from the healthy public image for The Irwin family is known, according to the Daily. Mail.


According to the source, the Queensland-based mother of two shared a message to her followers on her Instagram story tending to the dominant idiots.

“For all the people who think it’s okay to post bad comments about me, or more horrible, my family IS NOT,” Lobie said. “Stop being bullies. If you don’t care about my Instagram or me, don’t follow. To all the other people Thank you for your help, I love you.”

According to the Daily Mail, despite her newfound distinction in web-based media, Lobie also functions as a cafe manager and is linked to vehicle fanatic Mick Lobie. They have two children.


Rebecca Lobie was already the Irwin family’s acting head of supervision at the Australia Zoo, where she managed “different food sources” at the recreation centre, however, she left the organization in December 2015, according to her LinkedIn profile.

In July, Rebecca Lobie’s 21-year-old cousin Bindi Irwin reported that she was locked up with boyfriend Chandler Powell, 22.


Recently, Bindi Irwin’s brother Robert Irwin, 15, told People magazine that he would be accompanying his sister down the trail on her exceptional day, adding that he was “agitated” at the open door when she introduced him.

“Funny, I just wasn’t terrible, but I wasn’t great either,” the late traditionalist Steve Irwin’s son said after accepting the greeting. “I was so energized and truly considerate of him that he asked me to walk him down the hall.”