Use a Baker’s Rack as a Storage Solution

Use a Baker’s Rack as a Storage Solution

Versatility is a key feature of any piece of furniture you’re looking to buy. For today’s busy households, furniture should serve more than one purpose. Streamlining your space is essential to moving around the home easily. If you have a small space, you want as many multi-purpose pieces in the home as possible to keep floor space open.

Fortunately, baker’s racks are versatile pieces that offer storage and style. Here are some tips to help you find the right one for your space.

Baker’s racks come in various designs that hold everything from boxes of cereal to small kitchen appliances. Before choosing a rack, consider how you’ll use it in the home. What areas do you need additional storage or surface space most? Answering that question will help you decide what special features your baker’s rack should have.

A rack with built-in hooks is a good idea for hanging serving utensils. They are wonderful additions to the kitchen for towels, potholders, saucepans, and pots. Coffee mugs, teacups, measuring spoons, and other items you use regularly will be readily available.

Place a microwave or toaster oven or both on the shelves. You can even keep plates and bowls you eat off of every day on the rack instead of the cabinet. Do you find you have more spices than your counter spice rack can hold? Then turn a corner baker’s rack into one big spice rack. Heavier bottles of olive and other cooking oils can sit on the bottom while the other shelves hold the salt, pepper, garlic powder, and more.

A bakers rack can also be used for wine bottle storage. There are racks with built-in wine and stemware holders. Use the shelf space for drink recipe books and fun signs that invite people to have a glass of wine. You can use extra shelf space for shakers, ice buckets, and snacks when entertaining guests. If the rack has drawers keep the corkscrew bottle openers inside.

If you do lots of meal prepping, a baker’s rack with a built-in butcher block won’t be easily scratched. It’s also resistant to spills, so it won’t stain easily. Cut up vegetables for your soups and onions and peppers to add flavor to your dishes.

You can add storage to the shelves with baskets that match the décor in the space. It will provide a spot to hide magazines, books, toys, or other objects you want to keep tucked away.

When considering what kind of rack you need, think about the size of the items you’ll store on the rack. You’ll need plenty of space between the tiers for kitchen appliances, so two or three should be enough. If the objects are more compact, then you can opt for a rack with several tiers.

Now that you have more information about the styles and many uses for baker’s racks, you can decide which will work for your home. Choose one that fits your style and meets your storage needs.

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