How to Make your Hotel Eco-Friendly & Sustainable?

How to Make your Hotel Eco-Friendly & Sustainable?

“A Good Traveler Takes Only Memories and Leaves No Tracks” – Many travelers are focusing on this quote while planning their vacation.

Yes, they are looking for sustainable tourism! Are you a hotelier looking to make your hotel eco-friendly and sustainable?

Not to mention, the hospitality transformation trends come with a truly sustainable accommodation. In this article, we are going to reveal the powerful ways to make your hotel eco-friendly and sustainable.

Implement Recycling Programs

Discuss with hospitality property management, and make some recycling programs to recycle plastic, paper, or glass.

You can place a recycling bin in every room and in common areas, as well as, inform your guests about the recycling programs and let them contribute to the success of your hotel’s recycling program.

You can also cut down the use of plastic water bottles by providing a reward program for guests. Wherever possible, create signboards that encourage travelers to recycle & reuse.

Reuse Towels & Sheets

Of course, you want to provide your hotel guests with fresh towels and sheets every day. You can give your guests to reuse their towels by posting the information on a placard somewhere stating that the towel to be reused should be hung up or they need to put it on the floor or in a basket, so the room service can clean it up.

By putting placards, your guests will be aware of the options and also they will appreciate your effort in making your hotel a sustainable one.

Source Food Locally

To be part of sustainability, you need to avoid imported foods, as it contributes to the emission of 11% of CO2. Sourcing your foods from the nearby fields or local farmers will make a huge difference.

When you advertise your hotel as sustainable and eco-friendly, it will attract a lot of eco-minded visitors and your hotel will stand as a unique one. Sustainable tourists genuinely care about sustainable food to give proper nourishment to their body and soul.

Usually, the hotel and resort management team takes the responsibility to make your guests’ dining experience more authentic in an eco-friendly way.

Bonus tips

Apart from the above-mentioned tips, there are so many ways to make your hotel sustainable. If you hire a middle east hospitality, then there is no need to worry, as they can take care of everything on your behalf. But for now, here are some other ideas that would help make your hotel greener.

  • Be aware of educational programs & contribute to the sustainability of the local environment. Make sure to promote these contributions via social media channels, so it will be spotted in the eyes of sustainability tourists and they will be more eager to make their stay with you.
  • Make use of contactless technology such as – Smart keys, check-in using hotel check-in kiosks, automatic switches for lights and ACs, etc. All these will entice guests, as well as, they will appreciate you for running an eco-friendly business.

More hotels have now started incorporating sustainability principles in their guest services. Get started to make your hotel eco-friendly and attract all sustainable tourists!

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