Things You Can Buy Only in Seychelles

Things You Can Buy Only in Seychelles

“I Love to Go Shopping and See What Catches My Eyes” – If you’re a lover of this quote, then you will definitely love shopping in Seychelles. Because Seychelles is the home to the world’s most beautiful and unique souvenirs.

So, come on, check your wallets for cash or cards and get ready for shopping.

In this article, we are going to reveal the things that you can buy only in Seychelles.

Coco De Mer – Coconut Shell Artifacts

This is the most amazing thing you can take home from Seychelles. As you know, Coco De Mer, the sea coconut or the double coconut is most popular in Seychelles. Carved and handcrafted in different ways, these shell artifacts are truly enticing.

Besides this, you can also shop for coconut bathing soaps, oils and perfumes, and other things made of the biggest coconut in the world.

If you’re staying in Seychelles Family Hotels, you can buy this coconut shell artifact from any licensed gift shop near Vallee de Mai in Praslin.

Vanilla Pods

Vanilla is the gem in the flavoring industry and Seychelles has historical ties to this flavoring agent. Yes, you can find Vanilla in abundance in Seychelles.

So, don’t end your trip in Seychelles without buying some vanilla from here. You can take a tour to the plantation farms in La Digue where you can enjoy a flavorful trip and also you can buy vanilla pods and vanilla essence.

You can buy high-quality vanilla essence by visiting the Union Estate Park.

Black Pearl

Here in Seychelles, you can find the rarest variety of pearls on the planet. Shop around the streets of Seychelles or visit the Pearl Farm de Praslin, the Black Pearl Shop.

You can find more accessories made of black pearl and you will definitely fall in love with the amazing collections.

Local Souvenirs as Keepsake

Seychelles has so many things to offer and you can find a lot of souvenirs to buy here.

You can find a lot of items including coral reefs, polished oyster shells, jewelry made of beads, seashells, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings made of black pearls.

Besides these, you can find a rich variety of spices including – lemongrass, cinnamon, ginger, and a range of spicy chilies. You can also buy local snacks, coconut shells, perfumes, oils, and soaps made with all-natural ingredients.

Takamaka Rum

Dark spiced rum is most popular in Seychelles! Here you can find Coco Rum, White Rum, Extra Dark, and all aged varieties of rum.

If you’re staying in the beach resort spa in Seychelles, then you can enjoy your holidays by sipping a Takamaka rum with a beautiful view of the beach in Seychelles.

Best Places for Shopping in Seychelles

  • La Vallée De Mai Boutique
  • La D’igue
  • Black Pearl Praslin Ocean Farm
  • La Plaine St Andre

These are the few places in Seychelles where you can buy the Souvenirs.

For shopping, you can use the currency of Euro or USD. You will see the prices listed in both Euros and US Dollars.


Seychelles is not only known as a holiday destination, but also for a distinct shopping experience. As the sun sets a bit early here, shops close here by 7:00 PM, so finish your shopping before it gets dark.

Happy Shopping in Seychelles!

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