Yup. A tad smashed up.....
Yup. A tad smashed up…..

Yes, I might not be able to get out of bed in the morning at the moment until my endone, paracetamol, and sheer willpower kick in, but I can get out of bed still. (and then I eat something so I can add anti-inflammatories and coffee to the mix)

I am bruised and battered, my ribs have muscles torn between them, there are grazes and bruises all over me, and one looks like a croissant.

But I have no head injuries, my neck and back are fine. I WALKED AWAY from this car. As did all the other people involved.

We all had our seatbelts on, and dual airbags in the front seat of each car.

Yes, the cars are fucked, but seatbelts and airbags saved us all from a lot worse.

The two cars were only going 60kph each. But that’s 120kph force when you hit head-on in the wet, then spin 180, and lift your head wondering why there is a bus-stop next to you…

Wear your seatbelt. Strap your kids in properly, use baby seats and the like.

Be thankful for the “nanny state” for once.

(and our public health system! The Ambos and doctors and nurses and techs were all amazing to me!!!)

(Truce and Overdrive)'s Wedding
Photo from overdrive_cz. Used under creative commons.

Last night I had a dream in which I was a bride. All dressed in white, with all the trimmings.

Then I woke up and realised it was just the fever talking :p

Went and threw up (damn gastro) and all was right with the world.


You know like lap band?


OMG some GPs are tactful.

It was only AFTER that today that she then goes on to “so the quetiapine can cause an increase in appetite. Do you want to see a dietitian? But you know surgery can help reduce your appetite come back and I can give you a referral”


“so why are you on that again? because you shouldn’t be getting in under PBS unless you have Bipolar or Schitzophrenia. They audit you know”


So after THAT I get my repeat contraceptive pill script (you know, after she can’t get a good blood pressure reading because I’m crying after she so tactfully suggests surgery and pops me on the scales. Yah, I know I’m overweight. And I know a lot is recent. So one step at a time. A dietitian would be a good idea, but geez. Bedside manner??)

At least I was bulk billed?


Trying to navigate ‘the system’. Just waiting to be shut down again. Hating that I’m needing others to help me so much, but so grateful they are. Scared I’ll let them down.

It’s hard pushing to get help you need if you’re convinced that they’re just gonna say no when they find out who you really are.

Think my immune system has had it’s last laugh for the year. Viruses galore.


firmoo free glasses

A free pair of glasses from Firmoo (just pay for postage! I got mine sans postage for a review which will come soon)

Urban Remedy

Three days of juices to try from Urban Remedy from their new spring menu. Will let you know how they go! You can enter to win a three day juice cleanse in my blogiversary giveaway if you wanna give it a go! :) xx

I have a fitness assessment at the gym this afternoon. SO not looking forward to getting on those scales, but needs to happen. Bring it!


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