Christmas is Coming!

October 21, 2014 · 2 comments

I know! It’s starting to creep all around me!

From checking out Aldi’s Chrissy Range in the catelogue, with my niece exclaiming “MINE!!!!” every few items….

Blue christmas lights from aldiball lights
Ez wands the “du!” (blue) and the “gall” (ball) lights.

To being dragged out to the shed and being nagged to get the Xmas tree up!

christmas tree

To emails about elves on shelves, and participating in online gift exchanges, to thinking about buying cards, and having PR pitches about shopping for Xmas.

To just liking Xmas and wanting to get the pretties out myself!!!

64 days to go :p


Some yums from Sushi Bay Glendale last week…..

salmon and tuna sashimi

raw salmon, avo, capsicum rice paper roll

salmon sashimi

kawaii rolls with salmon and black roe

tuna roll with salmon and yums

spicy prawns

chicken and avo

Sushi Bay Glendale (Near KMart)
Shop 53 Glendale Supercentre
387 Lake Rd Glendale NSW 2285.
Tel 02 4954 8488


Fourteen years ago I was one of those kids, frantically hoping to remember my Shakespeare and Frost quotes, even though I really didn’t care about whatever stupid theme or comparison question I was about to get.

I was crying my way through my 4 unit maths questions, fiddling with organic chemistry (remember when organic meant it had carbon in it?) and writing practice essays on family law.

Yeah, the HSC was hell.

(but so was much of highschool. But the discussion on the pressure cookers of selective high schools is a very long, PTSD inducing series of autobiographies from me and my friends).

We got our TERs (or UAIs)

We started uni. Or didn’t.

Some started in something, then moved across with the right marks.

Or worked for a year or two, and went back.

We did our degrees, or didn’t.

We worked for a bit.

Maybe studied more, because we figured out eight years on what we really wanted.

Or we locked ourselves into doing PhDs in areas we don’t even touch on these days.

An awesome UAI is good if you know what you wanna study

(I studied speech pathology. because I had to pick something, I say. And from there I found what I really liked doing WITHIN that field).

And even that’s no guarantee. And you’ll change.

You’ll wanna do something else. Or you’ll have a break,

or you’ll “throw it all away”.

But it gets better.

Because the HSC is hell, and most of life isn’t.

(some is though. but you’ll figure that out too!)

Celebrate that you made it this far.

And celebrate the other things along the way.

Because I didn’t. They were just things I “ticked off”

And I regret that part the most.

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October 16, 2014 · 0 comments

Today, I received this glowing endorsement via Twitter

Care to add to it so I can create a “Testimonials” page for my blog?


Now, you can have Red Red Reddy Red Rooster in your head. Please inflict this image of 1980s Aussies eating chicken with pride on your family and friends.

Red  Rooster chicken

As a part of a Social Soup promotion, I received a $35 voucher to spend at Red Rooster.

chicken caesar roll, red rooster

We bought one of the new Chicken Caesar roll meals, and two roast chickens for later. The Caesar roll was nice, shame they didn’t have the fancy rolls available. The chips were the same as ever, fresh hot, salty and appreciated by the seagulls when we were full :p

seagulls at belmont

Though the size of the diet coke bottles for a “medium” meal at now only 390mL – I remember when small meals got 375mL cans… I wonder what they get now?

chicken caesar roll red rooster

With the roast chickens, we made

chicken caesar salad

A chicken caesar salad.

chicken and bacon pasta

creamy chicken and bacon pasta

creamy chicken and baconpasta

and used some of the chicken for kebabs with all the trimmings – cheese, tabouli, sour cream and salads.

I find the woolies chooks are a touch bigger, but the taste was similar, the chicken was very moist the first day, and good still after a day in the fridge. The Red Rooster chooks are “barn raised” and $12.95 each.

Now to finish the meal with another classic…

What’s your favourite classic ad?


EDITED 13/10 – I was asked rather nicely to take these images (and the post, but that’s not happening) down by a member of the birthday party Jeff was with last night. Since I don’t feel like too much hassle I’ll run with it – but I think whoever posted the pics originally will realise that the photos are all on Twitter and Facebook anyways.
“I was apart of the group that celebrated Jeff McCloy’s birthday last night. The cake was an innocent joke and should never have been posted online. We would greatly appreciate it if you deleted the images and posts from your blog.” – Nice enough.

So, last night the Twitters were all a flutter with some pictures of Jeff McCloy with a birthday cake making light of the brown paper bags of cash he supposedly handed over to politicians and so forth, as came to light in ICAC earlier this year.

Photos removed, but I’m sure you can find them if you like.

Oh look, NBN posted them, and The Herald

Can I put them back in the post now?

Jeff McCloy and his cake

Jeff Moneybags McCloy's Cake

Of course he didn’t know about the cake before he had it in front of him, and it was just an unfortunate joke, but social media is unforgiving when a city has been burned.


Dudley Lamb Burger

People on the Facebooks have been RAVING about Newy Burger Co which is located inside the Crown and Anchor on Hunter Street right at the end of the Mall.

Dudley Lamb Burger

And now I know why! $10 gourmet burgers with super fresh ingredients in a casual pub atmosphere. With Gluten Free options, a kids menu and sides! – This one is the “Dudley” burger – A lamb pattie with feta cheese, homemade coleslaw and mint jelly. Simple, and delish. And went well with the James Squire apple cider they have on tap at the Crown!!

A heads up – The burger co takes cash only (and has separate registers to the pub)

Check out their menu online.

Newy Burger Co

Gotta try em all!

Newy Burger Co
Crown and Anchor Hotel
189 Hunter Street Newcastle


So it’s time for the second challenge from the lovely Shake ladies, and this time we can play with colours!

Shake Creative Challenge October List

So, here’s my first ten days….


Best $5 wine! Hurrah for Aldi!


Red Hello Kitty and Hat for the Beach :)

Green view over North Haven and Laurieton

Yellow flowers on a $2 op shop find


White and Black

Target Shoes


:) So springy!


Retail Therapy

October 9, 2014 · 6 comments

Following a sucky Centrelink apt (yeah yeah, I’ll apply for things other than speech jobs, but if there are speech jobs there, I’ll still be applying for them as first call) I got some retail therapy in – Target, Big W, Best & Less, and Lifeline – to get a few more summer things….

Target Shoes

HUGE fan of Target’s ballet flats – I’ve worn through a lot of cheap, colourful shoes from this range over the last few years (this is a good thing)! Today I got the beige ones for $15, and the red and orange ones for $7 a pair!


A couple of cute Avella floral dresses – knee length and sleeveless ready for summer – from Big W for $25 each. I wanted to buy another one – a long atrappy maxi dress in blue – but someone had ripped a few seams presumably while trying it on, and there was only one in that size :(

Hi Lo dress from Best and Lesshilodress1

Another couple of spaghetti strap summer “Hi-Lo” dresses from Best & Less – I do like how the women’s range goes through from size 8 to something in the 20s while still having cute designs and the same prices – $20 in this case!!! (and are comfy!)


Then $4 well spent on a pair of shoes that was originally $130 according to its inside sticker!

Finally getting the sickly sweet grape  spray!!

And I FINALLY got me some sickly GRAPE Hello Kitty Body Spray ($3 this week instead of $5 at Chemist Warehouse!)

Get any bargains lately? Or some retail therapy?

(much needed!!!)


First things first – Here’s the food:

Bay of India

Butter chicken, Paneer Saag, Rogan Josh, Cheese and Garlic Naans, Onion Bahji and Chicken Tikka. All bound to be amazing, all having graced this palate before. Bay of India is awesome. End of Story!

Which, is why when I was given $50 to play with to try out the ordering system, I was glad that while I only had two home delivery options for Valentine (the other being my former Uni-Daze employer), that this was one, and the food I was to receive would be great :)

So, when you get to EatNow, you search for your location, selecting pickup or delivery (default)


You can register for an account easily, and they take paypal, credit card, or cash at pickup or delivery.

Ordering lets you click across the items you want to your tally on the right there…. Bay of India have 10% off your first order, so more bonus!


It tallies it up as you go, so you know know you’re on budget.


You get to choose options, like how hot the dish is! Also, select from the drop down when you want your delivery – I ended up choosing 630pm, and it got here at 633pm… I’ll pay that!! ;)


Select payment type and give them your money….

(You get email and sms confirmations, which includes the restaurant’s number if there are issues)

And wait… eat… and review!!!



The Best Eats awards are on at the moment – and you can nominate any of the restaurants they serve! Plus, you could win a trip to Morocco, Italy or Mexico for a foodie’s dream trip (or one of ten $250 voucher for EatNow, which is pretty sweet too!)

Have you ordered food online? Was it this easy?