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Have you been struggling to find a personalised gift for the kid in your life? Maybe her name is Ezri, like my little niece? Or some strange spelling of Zachhhhhhariah? :p (or Liam)


The Lost my Name books are a great way to get around this, or to even get an awesome gift for a kid with a boring name like John. Or Mary.

Check out the video at the start of the post… how lovely are these books?

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Win a "Where's My Name" personalised book


**Warning – Food porn ahead!**

There’s a new Indian restaurant in the next suburb, and my boyfriend decided to spoil me with a meal there last night – The Grand Pavilion, known for their authentic and delicious Indian and Indo-chinese meals on the Central Coast, has just opened a location in Warners Bay.

I suppose I start from the start!

Pappadams  and raita

It took us forever to order – because there are so many options on the menu…. Old favourites and new (to us) twists and variations. All sounding delicious. We didn’t order it, but the $35.90 per head banquet for 2 or more is AMAZING value for entrees, mains (which are all Gluten free btw), sides and desserts. Next time, Gadget, next time.

So we settled on our order, and were presented with complementary poppadoms, along with a mild and spicy mint sauce (raita would be what I called the milk youghurt one) while Bruce went back to the car for our bottle of $7 Aldi Shiraz (amazingly smooth btw) because they are BYO only ($3/head). There is the usual Coke brand and Lassi selection for drinks.

one road shiraz aldi

And then it was onto the entree – The Veg Grilled Platter for 2 – $18.50

the grand pavilion entree veg grilled platter

This impressive creation came out on a sizzling plate, with veges adorning and enhancing it (it you have room – eat the sizzled up capsicum and other veges. Wow!)

Onion Bhaji and tandoori mushroon

First we had the Onion Bhaji and Tandoori Mushroom, which both had a little kick as far as I was concerned! Great texture on the Bhaji, and the mushroom was a different twist for me, with sooo many flavours!

vegetarian seekj kebab  paneer tikka

Next, because they were under the other two, were the Vegetarian Seekh Kebab (the vege sausage thingy) and the Paneer Tikka. Wow, I loved the two of them – the paneer had a nice marinade and was cooked to perfection, and the Kebab was so full or herbs and flavours I nearly fainted with joy.

(and then, we rested, while our mains were prepared)

We chose two meals from the Chef’s special mains, and we were blown away. Both we “mild” heat wise, but the combination of spices and cooking style was enough to have me eating way more than I should.

The Grand Pavilion - Masala Lamb Shanks

The Lamb Shank Masala is, according to the menu – “Lamb shanks cooked int Indian style with special spices until the meat in tender and falling off the bone”. Wow. These were amazing. The meat inside was purple and so soft and melty! I half-heard the owner/chef explain to the table beside me the process they go through cooking these, and yes, worth every cent! – $23.90

masala lamb shank indian danger mouse

(not the classiest way, but omg they were delicious!!!)

Mughlai Chicken

The other dish we selected was the “Mughlai Chicken” – Tr traditional cashew nut, almond based sauce flavoured with cardamom, cloves and bay leaf with a touch of fresh cream. This was also melt in the mouth stuff… My unsophisticated palate likened it to butter chicken but without the tomato and all the damn sugar. but, for sure, this was a milk chicken curry that was actually full of flavour.

mughlai chicken

Oh and there was a hardboiled egg in it!

We also had rice and naan (but of course!) but given my level of stuffed-ness from the entrees I had a little bit of both, not much.

The meal and service were amazing – and the British girl next to us proclaimed it to be the only real Indian food she’s had since moving to Australia. We will have to go there many times again!

The Grand Pavilion
452 The Esplanade
Warners Bay
NSW 2282
(02) 4948 0092


Some say that being a dad is the best job in the world but everyone needs a break every now and again. Count down from one hundred as Tim Ross explains the art of hide & seek.

Watch more videos on the KIT KAT YouTube Channel:


Aroma’s is the cafe we tend to go to when, it’s lunchish and we haven’t yet eaten, but would also like to head to K-Mart or Bunnings (but that’s moving soon!) or perhaps to browse at EB games ;)

purple coffee aroma's glendale

(yes, we have a Kinnect. Yes, I own a fitness game. I got the older version that DOESN’T have Michelle Bridges, because she makes me gag)

Aromans big breakfast

So we brunch… the “big breakfast” is above, and the yummy Spinach and feta quiche with chips and salad below.

spinach feta quiche chips salad

Coffees and meals always satisfy!


The chocolate….. it BURNS!

max brenner waffles

So, way too much sweetness for this savoury girl! I insist that you MUST try the “lick” which is a little tub of melted chocolate with a spoon. Beyond that? You’re on your own.

coffee and hot chocolate max brenner

It’s way to sweet and delicious for moi, Max Brenner.

chocolate lick max brenner

Max Brenner Chocolate Cafe
Pearson Street, Shop No L01 1031,
Charlestown Square Shopping Centre,
Charlestown NSW 2290
Phone:(02) 4943 7000
Open 9am – 11pm daily (midnight Fri and Sat)


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Yesterday, I put forward an amendment to the Government's detention bill that would make the reporting of child abuse… Posted by Senator Sarah Hanson-Young on Thursday, 25 June 2015 From the link here Question—That the amendments be agreed to—put. The committee divided— AYES (Voted Yes), 16 Senators— Di Natale (Greens) Ludlam (Greens) Rhiannon (Greens) Waters (Greens) […]

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Review of Disability Employment Services

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Emily strange neko cat felt beanies – from Budapest!

June 23, 2015

I got this amazing felt beanie for but US$24 from an amazing sewer in Budapest! Her store is called “Maybe Innocent” and specialises in NekoMimi (Kitty Ears) in clip on a hat form. This is the listing for mine. It fits amazingly, and is uber kawaii!! Like this:Like Loading…

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