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I cashed a cheque today. I know, I didn’t realise that was still a thing!

Merewether Beach

I didn’t go to the beach today.

Instead, I spent the day between the dining table and the balcony. Nerding away, blowing my nose repeatedly, and continuing to curse that my brain bounces against my skull as I cough and it hurts.

And I also watched some more Puberty Blues.

Yeah, a bit of a guilty pleasure, but it’s not the worst thing on tele at the moment. I think that honour is split between Big Brother and the X Factor.

At least.

And I love iview.

Now, I have to consider serious things, like salary packaging, HECS, tax free thresholds, and billing.


Do I hafta grow up?


Is the cough productive?

septr2102 057

Today I

  1. Went to the doctor’s. Well, got up at 8am so I could call when they opened. Then went. And got antibiotics. They haven’t made me sick yet! Yay!
  2. Decided to lose 5 kilos. Silly winter and stress and bad eating and lack of exercise. As soon as I can breathe again, I’m joinging a gym
  3. Slept.
  4. Walked. Lost all my breath but it was good

How was yours?


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aug2012 114

I’m not entirey sure how to interpret the message on the post. And my head hurts, and I keep coughing. Coughing fits that remind me of my need to do more kegel exercises and are stopping me eating too much, because coughing to the point of vomiting sucks.

Oh and my eyes are goopy. Ew.

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  1. Tenure :: keeps
  2. Baptism :: of fire
  3. Holders :: cup holders
  4. Irritation :: eyes
  5. Academics :: journals
  6. Mug :: shot
  7. Charge :: fire
  8. Percent :: off
  9. Clears :: the way
  10. Selfless :: acts

My someday has come

seven days

Ow ow ow. So sore in the quads and abs and SOMEWHERE in my arms from my first Bootcamp session yesterday morning!

Yes. So I’ve started Bootcamp at the same time I’m starting the Up and Running 10k program. Progress, they say.

Looks like my running gear is coming to Hobart next week and Canberra the week after. It’s gonna be cold!

Bring on 30.

(I also started my Speech Pathology blog this week. Finally. It’s currently getting some of my relevant posts here republished over there but new content will be upon us soon!)

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