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Go on…. sign up to be an awesome blog commenter this July! You know, it’s good for the bloggy soul!

Remember when we all left comments on blogs? I looked at some of my old blog posts, and they’re full of discussions, friendly notes, silly pictures, and occasionally spin off into random banter. I have made friends via blog comments, and found interesting other blogs through the links left by commenters. Now, all conversations about…

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A spot of Housekeeping: Password protected posts, reviews and ads.

Hellllooooooooo my loverlies! Just wanted to write a few ‘housekeeping’ notes :) On password protected posts: I’ve decided that I want to write about the therapy sessions I go to, and it’s easiest for me to type things out some days. Rather than exposing all the ins and outs for the world to see, but…

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Girl, it ain’t no fun no more, I don’t know what to say

I’m tired. Life is tiring. Yes, there is fun happening in my life, but to write about it later isn’t coming to me lately. My food photos are going un-blogged. My kitchen has been boring. Cooking for one sucks. Blah blah blah. I’ll come back when there’s more sparklies to be said. Til then.

Callout for Prizes for my 10th blogiversary spectacular. Meep!

Oh, hai there. Just gotten over me turning 30? Well there’s bigger news. turns ten on September 11. And I’m planning a giveaway spectacular. So long as I can get the prizes. You’re reading this blog now, so you know what my readers like. Any suggestions or offers for prizes are most welcome. The…

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