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Friday. I need to write more about kinky sex apparently. You perves :p

That’s how to get attention, right? And apparently page reach, which is what it’s all about these days over on Facebook. Shame it was a post of terrible ideas rather than something useful. Look! Hello Kitty air freshener. Vanilla. From SuperCheap Auto. Get one! I have a session of birthday dumplings scheduled for Sunday. I…

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Go on…. sign up to be an awesome blog commenter this July! You know, it’s good for the bloggy soul!

Remember when we all left comments on blogs? I looked at some of my old blog posts, and they’re full of discussions, friendly notes, silly pictures, and occasionally spin off into random banter. I have made friends via blog comments, and found interesting other blogs through the links left by commenters. Now, all conversations about…

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A spot of Housekeeping: Password protected posts, reviews and ads.

Hellllooooooooo my loverlies! Just wanted to write a few ‘housekeeping’ notes :) On password protected posts: I’ve decided that I want to write about the therapy sessions I go to, and it’s easiest for me to type things out some days. Rather than exposing all the ins and outs for the world to see, but…

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